Wednesday, 14 May 2008

FOTD.. NARS, MAC, Givenchy

I've just started to get into the English summer mood when the weather forecast ruined it for me waaaaahhhh!

Anyway, I'm still not giving up on my summer make up so I had another go at my green palettes. I really have to be brave enough to get out of my comfort zone. I still can't face the idea of trying a much brighter shade of green and that would be my goal for next week. This is what I came up with... it's not there yet but I'm sure there is always a room for improvement!

In this photo, I wore the following:
Elizabeth Arden Primer
Sheer Cover Concealer
Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation
Clarins Waterproof Eye Make Up (Back and Brown blended together to create my eyebrows)
NARS Dou Eye Shadow in Alhambra to highlight my brow bones
NARS Dou Eye Shadow in Blade Runner (Green) on my inner eyelids up to the creases
MAC Eye Palette in Swimming (B47) on my creases
Sheer Cover Cream Eye Liner in Black on my top lash lines
Again, MAC Eye Palette in Swimming (B47) on the inner corner of my bottom lash line
Again, Sheer Cover Cream Eye Liner in Black on the outer corner of my bottom lash line
Again, Clarins Waterproof Eye Pencil in Black on my waterline
Lancome Vitrous Mascara on top lashes
Clinique Mascara on bottom lashes
MAC blusher in Dollymix on my cheekbones
Givenchy Rouge Interdit Lipstick in Candy Shine
...and viola!

I'm rubish with taking close up photo of my eyes. The colour always get washed out by the flash... grrr...!

That's me for today... TTFN...!


iamsutil said...

i love this look on you gracie, but pls make the flash not wash out the colors next time? tee-hee..or better yet, don't use flash. what camera are you using by the way..dont let that cam waste your EOTD..ang ganda eh! (hugs)

Askmewhats said...

Sis, your hauls and your eyemakeup really looks matched with your outfit pa ah!
And true, kita ang colors even with flash, what pa without flash? wow!!!! Sis you always say you needed improvement but you look really good and your skin is glowing!

ladystarr said...

you look really nice in green. don't be so shy with brighter greens! i think u'll look fine!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

Green looks great on you! :) don't be shy of the brighter colors! i LOVE bright colors. :) it's just a matter of getting comfortable with them and experimenting. :D heh. :)

Gracie said...

Oh! Thank you everyone! You're all very sweet! I'm only using my Casio Exilim which is 7.2 mega pixels. This is my second Casion digicam actually. I just love to use it as it's idiot proof ha ha ha! Having said that, I just don't know how to take blimming close up photos. I think I've to read the manual again ha ha ha! I never read those things everytime I buy something.

I'm starting to like brighter colours... They make me feel younger ha ha ha!