Sunday, 18 May 2008

Christening Photos

I've taken a few photos this morning during my friends' daughter's Christening... Sad to say, we haven't managed to take good ones as people kept passing through even though they knew that others were trying to take some pictures. How considerate is that? I know they're not such of great quality but I've posted them anyway :P

Anyway... the Christening was lovely but I think my friend and I got the priest confused on who the mother of the baby was ha ha ha! We thought that the ceremony was over and since the baby was wanting to come to me, I took her from her mum until the priest came to anoint her and then again we thought that it was the last one but he came back to do something else so we were like giggling. To stop confusing the priest and everyone else in the church, I gave the baby back to her mum. I thought that was funny!

Despite of the little confusion in the church, the ceremony was really nice and the reception was held at the Big Wok chinese Restaurant where we enjoyed a rather sumptuous buffet. I had a large glass of white wine (No, I'm not becoming an alcoholic... just fancied one :P)

This was the baby bangle I give the baby as a present and I'm so glad it fitted her perfectly. It was a 9ct gold (I looked for 18ct one but no luck. My first choice was an 18ct white gold but for some reasons, I didn't find any. They don't seem to bother much about babies' jewellery) and came with a musical jewellery box... really cute!

Me and my little Sam.

Yay! I wore the new Miu miu shoes I bought yesterday! I wasn't thinking of buying a new pair of shoes yesterday, let alone designer ones (must have been the 2 glasses of rose wine I had with my steak sandwich in the pub that made me do it) but when I saw and tried this pair... I just knew I had to have them! They cost me £250 (around $489 USD/21,000 PHP) so I thought it wasn't too bad unlike my Gucci ones, which cost me £310. I still want a pair of Prada shoes though before end of this year.

It was a chilly day so I had to put my cardigan on otherwise, the dress was quite stunning. My boyfriend has been nagging at me about wearing stockings so I didn't just to keep him quiet. I hate my legs!

Sorry, I didn't get chance to take close up photos so I thought, I'd crop the previous one :)

My boyfriend and I. I've been wanting him to get a haircut but he never listen. Men!

That's all from me... for now anyway... I've got a few more stuff to post but I'm just feeling so knackered now. Promise I will soon.



Askmewhats said...

awww that's a lovely shot with you and your son, and the one with your BF :) aawww...the bangle looks great!!! :) great gift choice :)

Gracie said...

Thank you Nikki, sister!

Unique Gowns said...

Love the bungle ! What a handsome young man ! He will break lots of hearts...... Dana

Gracie said...

Oh, thank you Dana! Yeah, I'm his mum and I tend to be biase ha ha ha!