Friday, 23 May 2008

Elizabeth Arden Haul

I've noticed yesterday morning that I was running out of my eye primer so I had to nip in Boots and came out with 3 items.

Eye-Fix Primer
I love this product!

Color Intrigue Mono Eyeshadow in Vanilla (Matte)
I very much prefer matte eyeshadow as highlight on my browbone on summer

Great packaging too!

My gift! Yipeee! 4 shades of cream lipstick

That's the lot!


Lizzz said...

my do love exclusive cosmetics! :-)

you make me wish i were not frugal. LOL

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Let's just say that I'm too lazy to look for what else are out there. There's nothing frugal about make up addiction. You've got great stuff yourself :)