Monday, 5 May 2008

My Vivienne Westwood Bag (Yipee!)

Hello again everyone!

Sorry if I have not posted any new blogs in the past few days. I have been quite busy and I have got so much to tell you... To start with... I am here showing my newly purchased item. I have been wanting to get hold of Vivienne Westwood handbag but because of the pretty steep price, I have been thinking quite carefully whether it's worth having it or not until last Saturday when I eventually visited her newly opened outlet in the city. I've fallen in love with this bag the first time I saw this last Saturday but my boyfriend stopped me from buying it right there and then. He told me that if I wait until I've got a job, he was going to pay half of it otherwise, I'll have to pay for it on my own.

Saturday night came and I couldn't stop thinking about it and kept thinking that it's bound to go at some point and it was something I couldn't afford to happen (Yes, I have fallen big time for this gorgeous bag). So Sunday came and I've managed to convince my boyfriend to give the bag another look without telling him that I was getting it no matter what. So we got there and after a few minutes... I was paying for it. Alright, it wasn't a cheap purchase but with how gorgeous it is, it was hard to let go. It cost me £250 (around $492.00 USD/20,735.00 PHP) but worth every penny of it. I could perhaps pass it to one of my nieces or my daughter-in-law in the future ha ha ha! I absolutely love it!
Viola! My gorgeous new bag!

Isn't she lovely? (Yes, it's a she!)

Come to mama!


Askmewhats said...

WOW!!!!!! SIS that was fast!!!!!!!! You have it!!!!! such pretty bag!!! hahaha lucky lucky you...*drools*

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! I can't wait for my Gucci shoes now!

Scheharazade said...

Oooh it's my bag !^-~