Thursday, 1 May 2008

Just a little shopping venture :)

I didn't plan to shop today but I had get my son a new pair of shoes for his cubs camping. However, as we were passing Boots, I've noticed that they were having many new offers such as if you spend over £15, you'll get 10 points for every £1. I really am a sucker when it comes to collecting points on my advantage card (last year, I got 2 bottles of perfume, an Armani Diamond and Burberry London from my advantage points [£160 worth altogether]) so I went it so see what I can get to take advantage of the offer. My first stop was Clinique and they were doing extra 500 points (£5 worth point) for every purchase of 2 or items so I bought 2 eyeliners in black diamond. I've spent £20 on my Clinique eyeliners but gained £7 on my advantage card. Cool eh! Then I've realized that I had a £5 worth of voucher on a few skin care product including Olay regenerist so I bought a couple (they're normally £7.50 but because of my vouchers, they've only cost me £2.50 each... Really great deal! See? I'm learning! Do they do things like that in the PI?

These were my recent purchases... more make up, I know and you might be wondering what's the crystal jar is fo... you'll see very shortly!

I've been reading great feedback on GOSH cosmetic. Apparently, they're like identical to MAC but 50% cheaper. Since I have sensitive skin, I've never thought of trying this product until now. When I went to to counter, everything looked very much of MAC make-up except for the name of course. The texture of the brushes are similar to MAC as well. I'll find out if they do the same job when I try them eventually. I've just washed them are left to dry at the moment.

GOSH Fan brush

GOSH blusher brush

Foundation brush

Revlon Quad Eyeshadow with eyeliner gift (more gift!)

My Clinique favourite!

Now, I've been thinking of ways to store my brushes when I'm not using them as they tend to collect dust when left sitting on my dressing table. I saw this one in House of Fraser and I thought.. that'll do the job. I don't know what's this jar suppose to be but it's going to be my brush container ha ha ha!

I had to re-arrange my dressing table because my make up train case needed a space. Again, I didn't know what to do and came up with this. Not sure about it at the moment... but that'll do for now :)

Yep! Even my dressing table is such a diva with photos ha ha ha!

I like to keep it clean and tidy. I dust every single thing on my dressing table twice a week. Yes, even lipsticks... I dust them one by one. I sit there for like an hour to clean this area ha ha ha!

This is how my dressing table look like when I'm doing my make up ha ha ha!

My precious brushes (old ones) drying up after being washed. I wash my brushes every 3 days... what about you? Sometimes every two days but my concealer and foundation brushes, I wash them every efter use that's why I've got few of them.


Askmewhats said...

wow sis, you've got great vanity table, I would love to sit there like a kid and play around with all your make up...

I wash my brushes after every use using the homemade blush cleanser..but once or twice a week, i deep cleanse it with running water and baby shampoo. You've got tons of will take too much time!!!! hehehe

Gracie said...

Hello Nikki! Thank you! Yeah, I must admit, I spend quite a lot of time experimenting with my make up ha ha ha! ...and yes, I've got quite a collection of brushes.

I've got to be careful with what I use to clean my brushes because of my sensitive skin so I've decided to stick with Johnson's baby shampoo and warm water then I soak them on Johnson's baby conditioner. I'd like to try the Jane Iredale make up brush shampoo and conditioner though infact... I'll do it now!

I've got a separate make-up brush holder (glass) for the ones I'm using and the clean ones (and now, I've got my covered glass container!)

Tracy said...

those look like some nice brushes. i love your dressing table! i wish i had more room in my room for one. hehe.

Gracie said...

Thank you for taking your time to browse my page, Tracy! I hope to see you here more often :)

Yeah, I like good quality brushes... they're like my investment ha ha ha!

I can't do anything without a dressing table... it's a must have furniture for me... Bed wardrobe(s) and dressing table ha ha ha!

Shen said...

OMG! more shopping.. hmm.. i think i gotta move to UK soon.. :) i love the gosh brushes. :)

i clean my brushes evry week. and deep cleanse them every other week. :) i use home made too. :) but i use my smashbox for asap cleaning. :)

another great haul, mare!! :)
keep it coming!!

Gracie said...

Thank you Shen! Yeah, the GOSH make up brushes are really good and I'm already starting to build the whole set.

I'm placing an order for a Jane Iredale make brush shampoo and conditioner as my son has been moaning at me for nicking his shampoo and conditioner ha ha ha!

Lovely to see you here again luvie!... and oh, yes! If you ever move to the UK, make sure you live right next to me so we can shop together ha ha ha! Muah!