Friday, 30 May 2008

At last! My Shu Uemura Make Up and More!

At last! I got hold of the most wanted Shu Uemura make up and eye lash curler... and oh, brush cleanser as well ;). I wasn't expecting that until tomorrow but when I passed by Space NK after I've had my hair done, I thought I'd pop in just to have a look. The beauty consultant has invited me for a Shu make over last month but because my son was moaning that we were there for so long (After he sat in the salon for 3 hours whilst I was having my hair done all he wanted was his McDonald treat.) so I told her, next time. Kids!

As you now know, I don't just stop in one shop when I hit the town ha ha ha!

I've been putting my hair through a lot of abuse that it's about time I think of looking after it too. So, I've got these James Brown hair mask. I've never tried this line of hair care product before and I hope it'll do something good to my hair.

Since I've tried Agent Provocateur Maitresse Eau de Parfum, I thought, I've gotta have it so I did. I became befriended with the beauty consultant whose been a Vivienne Westwood representative for a while (she's been voted the beauty consultant of the year where she went to Paris for the ceremony... everything paid for!... Jheng! That could be you in the near future! ;)) and she has been kind enough to give me a few gifts (Agent Provocateur scented cushions and body lotion with 24K gold sparkles in them and Vivienne Westwood Let It Rock body lotion). I really love the scent of this perfume and I think you should try it if you haven't done yet :)

My most wanted Shu Uemura haul! Eye lash curler, Brush cleanser, 6 Pressed Eye Shadow, Lipstick and a Blusher! I want more! I've now decided to get a set every pay day until I've had enough of Shu ha ha ha! Will I have enough? I'll find out! :P

Gorgeous and I can't wait to try them on!

That's my loot of the day!


Nic Nic said...

I love your Shu haul!! LOL. I left my Shu brush cleanser back in it me or does it smell of nail polish remover??! the shadows look really pretty! ^^

Askmewhats said...

aawww..I am in love with the shu uemura hauls!!!! All the colors are wonderful!! And yay!! you got the curler already!!! way to go with your hauls!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you Nic nic! Ha ha ha! Yeah, I agree! It's got a really strong smell. I've never used it before so I just thought that's probably how it should smell ha ha ha! I still live in dark ages when it comes to make up.

Nikki, my dear! As you can see, I've been buying make up like sweets again! I got CARRIED away on the Shu Counter!