Sunday, 13 July 2008

Ebay Delivery!


I'm telling you... Ebay could be addictive. Gosh! It's been over 3 years since my last ebay purchase. I never thought I'd get myself into ebay again until I saw Lani's 120 eye shadow palette and I just couldn't help myself but get one for my greedy self ;)

Anyway, unlike what I've been doing in the past... I've been sensible this time and didn't go all crazy about hoarding again ha ha ha!

Delivery from Hongkong. They took 10 days to land on my post box from the day I ordered them. That was quick indeed!

Very well packed. It took me quite a while to eventually unwrap the items

The packaging isn't bad either

120 cool colours to play with

Free make up brushes

The 120 eye shadow palette with free 5-piece brushes cost me just over £21.00 including postage and packaging

New set of make up brushes. Nice case eh!

This brush set cost me £1.99 which was a definite bargain! The postage and packaging cost more than the item (just over £8.00 at the end).

I suppose, they're not a bad collection after all.

I ordered this item last but it arrived early.

When I saw this set I had a special person in my mind... You know who you are ;)

Not sure she'll like this set though

This quite pretty set of brushes cost me just over £9.00 including postage and packaging. The brush set itself was £4.99... Not bad at all. I bought this brush set from a seller in Manchester and the delivery took 3 days after I ordered and paid for them.


Nic Nic said...

Hey Gracies! Coincidentally, I just won my bid for that 88 colour palette! LOL.. how much did you get yours for??

I ended up paying for under £17 including p&p. I bought mine form a company called JcNadiaParis where it's based in west midlands - I just thought it was so convenient that it wouldnt be shipped internationally.. but i'll be waiting for 10 days for paypal clear the payment though!!

Nic Nic said...

I just re-read your blog again.. 1.99!! wow.. you got yourself a bargain ;)

Askmewhats said...

wow wow wow! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! You can play with any colors you want!!! and the brushes are super lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So salivating!!!!

Shen said...

Awww!! mine isn't here yet.. bugger. hopefully this week. can you believe that when HK is just kike 1 hour and 30min away from Manila.. sigh!! drool worthy post again and yes, it's uber addicting to bid on ebay!! i keep stopping myself! the brushset are reaally nice. i want one soon but i'm still saving up for it! :) maybe maybe on my bday!! yey!!

are the brushes soft? there are a lot of sellers on ebay, which one did you get this from so i can at least feel comfortable getting them next time. :) thanks for the heads up gracie!!

looking fowrad to more of your FOTDS! :) yey!

i think i know who that person you are referring too! :)

iamsutil said...

weeeeee...nice loot. i bet "she" would love that brush set! :P

i read that you've been working for like 12hrs per shift? ate naman, wag ganun..take care of yourself too. go out and shop! lol...kidding!

talk to u soon..i feel much better now. thanks to people like you and nikki, and sophie and shen...and the others! i am so thankful to have friends like u..muaahz

Gracie said...

Oh Nic nic! My 120 colour palette was just over £17 plus postage and packaging (just over £21 altogether) delivered from Hongkong. My paypal payment cleared within 3 days I guess. I didn't bid for it though. For something as cheap as this, I just bought it straight away ha ha ha!

Sorry about my misleading post... I posted it when I came home from my 4th night shift (sigh) ;)

Sis Nikki! Yeah! Definitely one to drool for... exactly how I felt when I saw the palette on Lani's post ha ha ha!

Oh sis Shen! Would probably have been quicker for you to jump on a plane to get it from Hongkong yourself ha ha ha! You could've at least done it on the same day :P. I'll edit this post and include the details of sellers perhaps tomorrow ;)... Yeah, the brushes are quite soft... not too bad but I still haven't tried the blusher brushes and I've got a feeling they'll shed. However, for what they cost me I'm not particularly upset. Ha ha ha! You've blown my cover... Yeah... You guys are all special to me but this one needs cheering up at the moment. I'm just glad that you guys have been making her days a little bit brighter. She needs us in moments like these.

Sis Jheng! I'm glad you're feeling better now but as what I said, now that your mahal is away, you'll have good and not very good days specially when you start missing him but never forget you'll always have friends who love and care about you. Yep... I've been working long hours but I get longer break as well so I think it works relatively fair although 4 nights on a row was a real shocker... and a killer! ;)

Tracy said...

great haul! i've been eyeing that 120 palette for some time now. maybe when i allow myself to go shopping again, i'll start placing bids on e-bay! :D the brush sets look really good, too. i especially like the houndstooth cased one.

Gracie said...

Lovely to see you here Tracy! You definitely have to include this 120 colour palette in you make up collection. The colour and the thought of having so many choices is fun. The brushes are quite nice but I'm not overly mad about them although with how much they cost me, they're fairly reasonable :)

Anonymous said...

wow sis fab hauling! i love the greens on the palette, am drooling!

Gracie said...

Thanks sis Mhean! Yeah, I agree! I love the greens on that palette as well... I suppose... I love all the shades ha ha ha!

gio said...

Nice haul! Love tha palette, and teh brushes are pretty too.

Gracie said...

Thank you Gio! Yeah! They're nice, aren't they?

iamsutil said...

guess what, now i am literally envious bout your palette because it has different finishes! doesnt want my 88-color palette anymore. lol.

Gracie said...

Oh, Jheng! Don't be upset! I'm sure your 88 palette is just as good :)