Thursday, 24 July 2008



Has it ever happen to you where you've forgotten your essential skin care when you intended to stay out overnight... let us say... hang around with friends or stay at boyfriend's place for the night? I suppose, I had an excuse to be forgetful last Tuesday evening as I wasn't feeling great. I was about a couple of blocks away from my place when I've realized that I forgot to pick up my eye make up remover, facial cleanser and moisturizer and instead of turning around to fetch them, I've decided to head to Tesco Supermarket to get them... I thought, anything cheap and basic wouldn't hurt me for the night. It was around 6.15 pm when I eventually left home and the only place that was open was Tesco *sigh!

Anyway, I went to Tesco and first stop was magazine rack where I picked up a few favourites and of course my skin care essentials.

This issue is packed with autumn winter designer stuff.

This issue really rocks!
It was funny that as I was flicking through the pages, I was identifying the images to some beauty bloggers... This page put a smile on my face... I said to myself! Ah! Sis Nikki! Here's your Paul and Joe :)

I thought of many bloggers when I saw this one... sis Jheng, Mhean, Christiana Divine, Tracy, Anne, Shen, Li(z)terati, Lani etc etc... Oh! Of course... YOU! :)

Oh, I also bought L'Oreal Facial wipes but forgot to include them ha ha ha!

InStyle Magazine with a free summer make up bag.

I'm looking forward to reading this book. I love to read gozzips and fashion tips about WAGS... Think Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole... Oh, speaking of Cheryl Cole, I can't wait to watch the new series of X-Factor as Cheryl replaced Sharon Osbourne following her resignation. Rumour has is... Cheryl and Danni Minogue have been exhanging nasty comments in the past... Can I sense a catfight? Apparently, Sharon couldn't stand Danni so she left the show. Danni's managed talent won the last series but never heard anything about him since. I'm on Camp Cheryl!

Everytime I look at this or see Barry M in Boots or Superdrugs... I can't help but think of Jheng... Sorry sis, I've just got to mention this... It really was cute and sweet!
I was chatting to Jheng on YM when I asked her if she has heard of Barry M (I think we were chatting about Panacea on YT). Anyway, Jheng replied something like... 'Barry M? Sino yon? Barry Manilow?' I honestly nearly fell off my chair... It really was sweet and I could just imagine the look of curiousity on her cute little face when she said it. Bless your little heart Jheng :)... I love you!!!

Just like any other beauty enthusiast... I also try those samples I find on magazines and I must say, I quite like this product and swears to try it soon :)... because I'm oh so worth it! Ha ha ha!!! Now now now!!!


Askmewhats said...

SIS You left your stuffs on purpose! YOu want an excuse to buy more stuffs! LOL LOL LOL

Sis!! awww you are soooo sweet! thanks so much for thinking about me when you saw the Paul & joe ads!!! LOL I was smiling like crazy too! Thanks for thinking about me...can I say something too? Can I say that everytime I flipped through magazines and See lovely shoes, I would be thinking about you too? Since we are so far away from each other, we just think about each other through magazines! *hugs*

Gracie said...

Honestly sis, I didn't. I'm not getting paid until next week ha ha ha! With how much everything cost me at the end, I've realized that it would've been a lot cheaper going back home to fetch my stuff ha ha ha! But that's just Gracie for you... always looking for an easy way ;)

Sis, you're the only Paul & Joe addict I know ha ha ha! Oh my gosh! Am I having a reputation for being the shoe lady ha ha ha. It's funny that even when we don't know each other personally, we're able to relate things with each other... this beaty blogging is fantastic! It feels as though I found new bestfriends!!! Isn't it just fabulous?

iamsutil said...

halu galore ka nanaman...and omg, you mentioned my "barry M" boo-boo! lol...

weeeh, daming magazines. i collect too, but i dont read them. i just flip through the pages. hhehehehe

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! As what I've said, it was cute and sweet! That's what I do sis... I'd flip though the glossy pictures then read the articles I find interesting :)