Wednesday, 16 July 2008



When Cherry Culture's sale came out, I was one of those who took advantage of it. There was a bit of a hiccup when I placed my order but it has now been resolved. The delivery took nearly a month but since I didn't need them urgently, I didn't mind at all.

When the delivery slip came through my letter box, I've decided to take it with me with the intention of picking it up from the post office right after I finished my last night shift. My colleague has been kind enough to give me a lift after our shift, which helped a lot (saved my tired little legs with having to walk from my bus stop). When I got to the post office, I found out that they only accept cash payment (I had to pay £16.73 for custom duties but I only had a tenner in my purse plus a few loose change), luckily, there was a garage just a minute away where I was able to draw out some cash (Phew, I thought I had to walk back into the mall to fetch some pennies. I was determined to get home with my goods).

Anyway, I didn't reach home until 8.30 am but had to come out again to drop my suit I'm wearing tomorrow for my graduation day. As you can see... after doing my 4 night shifts on a row, I still made sure I had time to fetch my make up (Sigh! If that's not vanity, I don't what that is). As I was so knackered, I gladly place my box of goodies on top of my dressing table and went to bed... peacefully ;)

I would've been most pleased about getting my make up eventually but I found this :(

Such a disaster! I'm planning to write (with this photo attached) Cherry Culture about this and see if they do anything about it.

My new eye make up :) Pretty colours!

Lovely blushers :)

Oh! A gift!

My new make up collection ;)

Taken with flash (at night)

Taken without flash (at night and I think I prefer this :P)

My box of NYX make up :P... I can't keep them in my make up train case as it's already full :( (My boyfriend has suggested that I should get another one and if I do, I think I'll get the 3 tier trolly so I can also keep my other make up in there. Hmmm... My dressing table is getting too crowded with make up and perfume already.

I didn't intend to blog tonight as I've still got loads of things to do for tomorrow but I'm just waiting for my nails to dry. Yes, watching paint dry is always boring :P



Nic Nic said...

oh no shadow suicide.. at least you a massive collection still!

Anne said...

wooow that's a ginormous haul of NYX. I'm sorry bout the blue eyeshadow. Well at least it was the only victim in the batch? I hope Cherry Culture at least refund you for that sad lost.

Askmewhats said...

big day coming up!! congrats again!!!

Girl!!!Oohh I love all the colors but I am so sorry about the cracked one!!!! It looks like it was dropped BIG TIME! I hope they do something about it!

Gracie said...

Hiya, Nic nic! True but it was a really nice shade of blue and I'm absolutely gutted, I'm telling ya!

Lovely to see you again Anne! Ha ha ha! Yeah, a refund would be nice or better still, I hope they send me another one next time I place an order :)

Thank you Nikki! I'm excited as well but still here I am checking my blog when I should be getting ready for it he he he! Well, I've got 3 hours and 10 minutes left to get ready ;)

Wish me luck guys... I hope I don't fall over on the stage as I collect my certificate ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

i wonder what happened to that eyeshadow!!! terrible! i know its only ONE shadow amongst the MANY MANY , but it still hurts seeing it all gutted!

gio said...

Nive haul! I'm sorry about the blue eyeshadow, I hope they'll do something about it.

Gracie said...

Hiya, Irene! Thanks for stopping by my page! Yeah, I wasn't very pleased to find out what has happened to that blue eye shadow. It's not the money I paid for it that I'm bothered most but the waiting time :(

Oh, Gio! You're right! I'm hoping they'll do something about it too next time I place an order since they owe me $19 from my last order :)