Saturday, 9 May 2009



A leaflet came through my letter box this morning and look at this free goodies we can avail starting next week!

It even included a sample of the Superdefense Moisturizer. It's got SPF 25 element in it which is great for summer :)

Not as generous as what we saw in London the last time we were there but I guess, even them, they're also feeling the credit crunch hence the limited gift items.
I'd definitely be going to take advantage of this opportunity to grab free goodies since I'm running out of my ever reliable pressed powder ;)
Have a great weekend everyone and stay pretty!!!


Askmewhats said...

that is generous indeed eventhough it's RECESSION :) You're running out of pressed powder?? You sure?? hahahahah Joking!!! Happy MOther's Day gracie! see you soon!!!

Gracie said...

You think so sis Nikki? Okay sis, if you say so hahahahaha! Sis, I've only got one pressed powder left after the one I'm using right now so I need to get more hahahahaha! xxx

Thank you sis Nikki! :) xxx

Fifi said...

I love Clinique! Especially the 7 day scrub cream.
I've never tried the pressed powder though. Is it good??

Pop Champagne said...

yay for clinique bonus!! I can never get enough of clinique :)

Neena said...

Ive been reading your blog and find it so entertaining. I got the gift with purchase on line last week (still waiting for it to be delivered though) ... and I got the superdefense that ive tried as a sample before. I also got the All Around Skin Tone Corrector that I just love! So just sayin hi to you from the Lone Star State! Howdy!

jinxbea said...

hahahaha... sis Gracie! trying to make excuses to go shopping my dear.... but if you could get freebies while buying the neccesities ahead of time why not... hahahhahaha....

wink*** wink***