Saturday, 30 May 2009



Last month, I got my second £50 (80.92 USD/3,812 PHP) worth voucher from Flannels (my favourite designer shop ;)). I originally planned to use it against a pair of shoes but the pair I wanted didn't materialize so I ended up using it on a pair of earings instead.

The good thing about Flannels is that when you spend £1,000 (1,618 USD/76,812 PHP), you'll get £50 worth voucher. I think it is a good deal, don't you? The earings were originally priced at £120 (194 USD/9,150 PHP)... so at the end... they cost me £70... bargain or what?

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my new pair of earings... they really are sweet and I love them to bits! I wear them to work hahahahahaha!

Silver with Swarovski crystals

That's all from me for now... catch you again soon guys!!!


abby said...


Gracie said...

Thank you Abby! Muah!

Sarah said...

WOW these are sooooo gorgeous!! Oooh I want a pair :)

teeyah. said...

So nice! I also love your eye make up sis! Mwah!

Gracie said...

@ Sarah: Thank you sis! Oh, go on! Treat yourself and get a pair! Muah! :D

@ Teeyah: Thank you sis! Muah! :D