Sunday, 14 September 2008

West End Show

I'm so excited about our London trip specially that my bf has already booked tickets for Chicago and Wicked! Woohoo! It's not until November but I could barely wait. I've tried to convice my bf that we should go somewhere between now and then as the excitement is truly killing me but I think he wants me to enjoy the novelty of being excited occasionally ;)

Anyway, because of that particular excitement, I've been looking for some musical clips on YT and found these ones...

The clips are not from Wicked nor Chicago but they really are great and I'd love to see them whenever an opportunity arises.

The first one I found when I typed in Ruthie Henshall out of curiousity as to what she's been doing in the past being one of the top West end leading ladies. I really really enjoyed this one... it's funny and it's my current favourite. I could watch it over and over again and I won't get bored.

Now, you see what I mean? ;)

The second clip is that of our home grown West End leading lady who has also dominated the Broadway at some points of her career. Of course... no other than our very own Lea Salonga! She's simply amazing performing Nancy numbers from Oliver. She certainly has managed to emulate the essence of Nancy's character and the story behind the songs. I think I've got a bit of a Nancy in my myself... Feisty yet vulnerable... Grrr...! ;)

Definitely my Nancy!


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