Tuesday, 9 September 2008



Last Friday, I've decided to cook Lamb Chops With Minted Hollandaise Sauce but the sauce didn't turn out as it should have. Neil and Sam have been kind enough to tell me that even my Hollandaise sauce didn't turn out right, the meal turned out nice. However, I just couldn't stand the disappointment that I've decided to get it right the next day and hurrah!... I did it! I'm now starting to feel sorry for my boys that if this happens again, they'll have to keep eating the same meal until I get it right. Well, there is always McDonald's ha ha ha!

My plate. I didn't bother taking my bf's plate as it was more or less the same

Sam's plate. Can't you tell by the 4 asparagus that he didn't even manage to eat? Gosh, it's a nightmare to try and make him eat his veg.

Sam has been requesting carrot cake but I still feel intimidated to bake it on my own so I only do it with my bf.

Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting. Yum!

Feel free to come and join us. I'll put the kettle on ;)


Tracy said...

The lamb chops and cake look delicious!

Gracie said...

They really were lovely, Trace. I'll cook and bake for you if you ever make it to the London Olympics in 4 years time ;)