Tuesday, 9 September 2008



I cannot honestly find any excuse for what has happened last Sunday. I've been really really good in the past month until I visited Vivienne Westwood boutique and waaaaaaah.....!!!!!! I just couldn't help it. I've been such a bad bad girl! Buuu...huuuuuu!

Anyway, just incase you're wondering why I'm in whinning mood... please feel free to scroll down :(

Me and my lucky legs (lucky they don't break!)
It was a miserable Sunday and I hate getting my feet wet so I've decided to dig out my winter boots... yes... flat ones... great for running after my bus specially when Sam is running late for school!

More of my lucky legs ;)


This is the reason why I'm whinning. I was on no buy mode but I just couldn't resist walking out of the boutique without this precious thing . It really is huge! I took the photo of it sitting on my pillow to give you an idea on how big this bag is. I thought this would be great for travelling as a hand carry luggage as I could put all my flight essential in it.
This bag honestly is screaming... DESIGNER!!! Again... scroll down to see what I mean ;)

So, what was the catch? A whooping £595 (US$1,045/48,936 PHP)...Arrgghhh!


The zip

As if a Vivienne Westwood bag could never be any more designer, it's even got the orbit signatures as the bag's feet! Oh I love them! Okay... I feel better now...

I suppose, my bf and I needed to recover from that madness so we decided to have something to eat at Wagamama Japanese Restaurant and I fancied some noodles so I ordered this Seafood Ramen and it was just... YUM!


After my madness at the Vivienne Westwood boutique, we went to my favourite designer shop to see what I could find using my £50 worth voucher towards something I fancy and saw a lovely pair of YSL stilettos. I love them and asked the shop assistant to hang on to them. However, she can only put them on hold for 1 week so if I don't get them on time, they're going back on the shelf. If ever, I just hope that no one grabs them. Never mind, we're going to London on the end of November so I might find something even better.
I've to save some dosh for that London trip as well... Bugger! I meant burger!


Tracy said...

Looks like you broke your no-buy BIG TIME! =)

Gracie said...

Oh Tracy! I did and I couldn't believe it but then again I've only got myself to blame on this one. I deserve no sympathy... Never mind... I'm getting over it already. It would've not been so bad if I wasn't on no-buy-mode ;)

Askmewhats said...

LOL it's funny how we put ourselves on NO BUY mode and there we have all those lovely stuffs or sales right in front of us!!! *hugs* I don't know what to say..just STOP the no buy mode! LOL

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Sis Nikki! I think it was just exactly what I've done. I hope I'll get a little sensible in the future and learn how to let go of things ;). I think it's called self descipline, ha ha ha!

Vanessa - Van's Makeup Ride said...

that bag is b-e-a-u-tiful! just like its new owner ;)

Gracie said...

Oh, thank you Vanessa! You're such a sweetie ;)

dianatan said...

Woow! A new bag!! You got such great taste (and expensive one). Lol. I'm really loving your new hair color..

Gracie said...

Thanks sis Diana and I'm trying to keep my bf's attention to that one (being expensive) as it's worrying him... a bit! Ha ha ha!