Thursday, 18 September 2008



I've been promising myself to get another set of mini brush set to carry around when I go out and when I saw this set by Benefit, I just knew what I needed. However, because of my no-buy-mode, I had to put it on hold until I've decided to get the set eventually.

Other brushes are black so they just camouflage with the brush holder but honestly, they're there too! :)

Now you believe me ;)

Idiot proof or what? They're even labeled as to what they're for. Duh!

You can also slip in a few make up items in the brush holder

So, this is how I use mine. Perfect to accommodate my blusher, mini eyeshadow palette, pressed powder, lip and eye pencils and oh yeah, a lippy!

As Benefit at Boots was offering a £5 (9 USD/427 PHP) worth of advantage points on purchase of 2 or more items, I've decided to try this Lemon Aid (I call it lemonade ha ha ha!)

I've already tried using this twice on my lid after applying my Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix Primer and it works really well for me. I've always applied foundation on my eyelids but with lemon Aid, I won't have to do that anymore. I'm just amazed how light my eyelids feel using this as a base for my eye make up. Yesterday, I piled (layered) my eye make up on and it honestly felt like I wasn't wearing anything at all. It also keeps the colour stay looking fresh even after my 12 hour shift. I'd definitely be buying this again but may not be for a very long time as I only use very little of it (patted and not rubbed) on my eyelids as preparation for my eye make up. So, I think, this will last me at least 6 months. Not bad for £15.50 eh!

Who can resist a sample of B Spot eau de toilete when it was staring right at you ;)

So, that's my new Benefit mini haul :)


Askmewhats said...

sis! you got the lemon aid!!!! How do you like it? I"ve seen a lot of videos using it and it looks cool! I wonder how it works for you!

I love the benefit brushes, they all look so luxurious!!! I just wanted to touch them!!!!

Gracie said...

Sis Nikki! I'm loving my lemon aid. I wish I've had it before, it really is one of the great products I've ever had and now, I can't imagine not having it. It really is a fab buy. Yeah, Benefit brushes are really nice the blusher didn't shed one bit when I washed it :)

I think you should try them sis... they're not that expensive hence if you don't like them, you've not lost a lot :)