Tuesday, 9 September 2008



My no-buy-mode is still one however, there are things that can't be avoided shopping for because of the fact that they are essentials and I can't imagine myself waking up in the morning thinking that I haven't got them. Call me sad but that's just the fact :)

Hmmm... Why am I talking like this as if I've just spent an arm and and a leg on unnecessary shopping? Okay, I must admit, I've still got loads of shampoos and hair conditioners stashed away but I just couldn't resist buy-one-get-one-free offer (BOGOF, yes that makes me a bogger ha ha ha! Whatever!). So I grabbed a bottle of Sunsilk shampoo and 3 bottles of conditioners (Yes, I do use a lot hair conditioner).

I know what you're thinking about my 3 Rimmel eyeshadows... They were on 3 for 2 offer so I actually got one free. Does that sound clever enough? I think it does. Ha ha ha!
Got this Davines Universal Polishing Coat For Wizards (No. 10) from the hair salon when I had my hair done. It smelt really great when Becks (my hairstylist) applied it on my hair as a finishing touch so I decided to grab a pot. It really is a generous pot for (100 ml) £15.50 ($27/1,275 PHP) and I only need very tiny of it to make my crowning glory shine and smell gorgeous all day ;)

My new Rimmel eyeshadows. I thought the colours look beautiful!

Colour Rush Trio Eye Shadow in Modern Glam (699)

Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow in Bold Behaviour (014)

Colour Rush Quad Eye Shadow in Smokey Brun (002)
Believe it or not, I'm quite excited about trying my new Rimmel make up on. I've never used them before so it'll be something new ;).
Wish me luck!
Till next time...


Askmewhats said...

can't wait to see your Rimmel e/s review :) they look pretty! but I hope it passes your quality test :)

It's ok to stock on hair products or necessities, I do the same :)

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! Sis Nikki! I've always sensed that you're a hoarder like me ha ha ha! Yeah, I'm planning to try one of my Rimmel e/s tomorrow ;)