Thursday, 18 September 2008

Make Up


I've been wanting to get another MAC 187 brush so I've got a spare one when the one I've got is waiting to dry. I just got so addicted to using 187 that I can't think of using my other powder brushes when blending my foundation and pressed powder. Jheng is right, it is worth investing in one.

So, the other week, whilst my bf and I were having a look around at the John Lewis Department Store that I decided to visit their Laura Mercier counter that has just been opened that week. I didn't intend to buy anything that day but end up grabbing this brush to give it a try. The price was pretty steep compared to MAC 187. It cost me £32 (around US$58/2,733 PHP) but soon as I've washed and tried it, it was just soooo worth it! It did shed very very slightly when I washed it but nothing else came off whilst I was shampooing and rinsing it. I was quite amazed about that! ... and it was great to use soon as it dried. I've checked their blusher brush but I don't find it half as good as MAC 116 so I'm definitely giving it a miss and stick with my MAC.

Looks more fluffy than MAC 187 (Sorry, my 187 needs a wash... It's my only wash and wear brush and it's proven its greatness already. I use it soon as it dries but I can now let it rest for a while that I've got an alternative one)

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