Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Skin Care


I have used this product about 15 years ago until I had my son but I had to stop using them because I suddenly developed irritations caused by them (must have been because the level of my hormones became derranged due to pregnancy). Monday last week, I was looking around Boots and noticed that this product have been reformulated so I thought I'll have another go. I got chatting to their beauty consultant/dermatologist and she gave me a skin test to find out which ones would suit my skin type (dry and oily... a combination of everything that you don't want your skin to be in... weird!). Anyway, as I didn't want to end up wasting my money just in case I get the irritations I had about 10 years ago (Gosh! I'm that old!), I've opted for the trial size, which cost me £20 for the whole thing.

Honestly, I've only been using this product again for just over a week now but I can already notice that my skin became smoother and brighter. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this 3-step skin care continues to work.

The beauty consultant/dermatologist told me only to use this moisturizer on dehydrated area instead of applying all over my face (in my case, that's my cheeks and neck. So that's what I do then I apply my anti-ageing moisturiser all over my face and neck. That's right, I'm not embarassed to admit that I use anti-ageing product ;)




Tracy said...

I remember reading somewhere that there are certain ingredients in skin care products you're not supposed to use when you're pregnant, so I'm thinking that may be what caused those reactions. I've been seeing Clinique's 3-step skin care set, but I've never tried their products. Maybe when all else fails. Glad to know it's working well for you.

Askmewhats said...

I am using the Clinique 3 step program too for almost a year now! i am loving it! i'm glad you're loving yours!

Gracie said...

>>Tracy>> You're right Tracy but knowing me, I have ignored a lot of 'don'ts' when I want pregnant such as the cosmetics and shoes. I didn't stop using Tritinoin when I was pregnant so you can imagine how shocked my friends were. I think I used to give them a heart attack everytime I wore 3-inch heels during pregnancy. Well, as you can see, my son turned out to be gorgeous and intelligent so I think I haven't done anything wrong with it. Anyway, I'm digressing ha ha ha! Oh yeah, you may want to keep an eye on Clinique gift offers and give it a try. I don't know at your end but here, they normally include a sample of 3-step set as part of the gift pack. It's worth trying.

>>Nikki>> Yep, I used it for over 5 years in the past until my pregnancy 0ver 10 years ago and I'm glad I went back to it. Now, I'm just hoping that it all goes well for me this time :)