Saturday, 4 April 2009



I've been trying to resist Hello Kitty collection but I'm just another girl... So...! just before everything was sold out, I was quick enough grab a few bits and bobs and quite pleased with them :). I must be the last one to haul Hello Kitty collection but never mind... better late than never :)

Too Dolly eye shadow palette

Pretty colours altough they look too young for me

Fresh Brew lipstick

Most Popular Lipstick

Nice To Be Nice Lip Gloss
I love this on top of Fresh Brew Lipstick

My Hello Kitty Collection
Can't wait to visit the store again for Sweetsugar collection. I just hope that they haven't sold out yet :)
What about you? What have you been hauling lately?


Phoebe said...


It's a MLBB lippie for me. :) Still thinking if I should get another one hahaha FOTD wearing HK items please :D :D :D

Gracie said...

Phoebe, I agree! I love it too! I've been looking for a dark red pinkish lippy and this so far is the perfect one I found! I'll post an FOTD wearing my HK make up... promise... Watch this space! :)

Askmewhats said...

yay! can't wait Ate gracie for the HK look! :) You gave in!!! yay on the lippies! I can't wait to see you using them!!! I'm sure it'll be different from what I'm used to!!! :D

Gracie said...

Sis Nikki! You're right! They're new for me... just a bit too young though but I'll give it a go :)

teeyah. said...

Too young? Of course not :) I'm waiting for your FOTD, too! Yay!

Gracie said...

Teeyah! I'm 36 and HK is a little too young for me but I'm giving it a go :)

Cris said...

I'm trying to save money, lol.
Great Kitty items :D! Most Popular looked bad on me :(, but I have Fresh Brew and the eye palette, and <3 them :).
Oh, and Nice To Be Nice sold out on me :'(. But I hope I can get the Kitty Kouture stuff for my birthday ^_^.

teeyah. said...

Really, 36? I wouldn't have guessed [no BS]. Besides, everyone here is awaiting for your FOTD. Heehee.

Gracie said...

Cris, I'm sure the Most Popular doesn't look bad on you and you're just saying that :) I've had the last Nice to be Nice in shop at my end sis! :) I hope you get it too Cris and advance happy birthday. When is it by the way?

Gracie said...

Hahaha! Teeyah! I'll have one promise ;) Bad or not so bad, I'll post it :)