Saturday, 4 April 2009



I come across this video clip on youtube and I just love it.

You probably are thinking... why Victoria Beckham?

What is it to love or hate about Victoria Beckham?

I think she is loved and hated by millions out there for the same reason.

Reason No.1: She has David Beckham

Reason No. 2: She has an impressive Hollywood A-list pals

Reason No. 3: She gets to wear fabulous shoes, clothes... even make make up! She always look fabulous!

Reason No. 4: That Birkin bag that David gave her as a Christmas present... £80K... Was that really necessary? Well, if you've got it, flaunt it!

Reason No. 5: She has even managed to secure herself a place on the list of top fashion designers! How lucky could you ever get.

Reason No. 6: She is blessed with 3 gorgeous boys! (Well, not as gorgeous as my little Sam, of course, he's my son!) and Cruz can break dance! (Or was it Romeo or Cruz? Wasn't Brooklyn, I'm sure)

As what I've said... she is loved and hated for the same reason.

It's very brave of me to say that I love Victoria Beckham and the last time I went to London, I browsed through her collection at Harrods... and my my my....! The collection was heaven but the price.... 'nuff said!

This is only my own preference and I completely respect any contradicting opinions :) Peace Yo!


teeyah. said...

I love V. Beckham. Even when she was still a Spice Girl [yikes] because I knew she had real style in her. Thanks for sharing this :)

Gracie said...

Teeyah! YAY!!!! I love you!!! Hahahaha! Hi5! I feel braver now! Hahahaha!

teeyah. said...

Gosh. I'm drooling over the clothes on the vid :D

Gracie said...

I know what you mean Teeyah! I'll be happy to own a pair of DVB jeans hahahaha!

Askmewhats said...

I never hate her! I think she's classy and she's cool in her own ways! I've seen the Victoria Beckham tv show, I forgot the title but she's a cool girl! :)

Gracie said...

Oh sis! I'm glad you can also see what I see in her :)...Girl power! Hahahaha!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

Victoria Beckham won't be called as Posh Spice if she's not so.

Before i actually like Emma bunton with her baby looks...but now that im grown up & they're all grown up too, i look up to Victoria Beckham all because of how she she talks & how she carry herself..

She is so slim but you can still see her womanly curves..

i hope to God i can be her..even just for a day..with David on my side.. *faints*


Gracie said...

You're absolutely right, ThiamEre! Now get on the queue just like the rest of us hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

even when she was still part of the Spice Girls, she was my fave! she's uber uber glam and fab!

Gracie said...

Hi5 Sis Mhean! Absolutely! I can't agree more!