Monday, 6 April 2009



Hello guys! I hope you all had a great weekend!

As promised, I am here sharing the look I came up with using my newly acquired MAC Hello Kitty make up.

On the next 2 photos, my bf and Sam were trying to make me laugh whilst I was taking the photos. Mean pair!!!

For my eye make up, I wore Hello Kitty Too Dolly (as pictured above)
Step 1: Primed my eyelids using Lemon Aid by Benefit
Step 2: Applied 1 all over my upper eyelids (starting from browbones down to the creases.
Step 2: Applied 2 on my lower eyelids to just over my creases... blend.
Step 3: Applied 3 just above my creases starting from the inner corners outwards... blend
Step 4: Applied 4 starting from the outer corners on and just above my creases inwards... blend
Step 5: Applied 4 on my lower lash lines concentrating from the outer corners... inwards
Step 6: Applied Clinique eye liner along my upper lash lines
Step 7: Applied Clarins eye liner on my water line
Step 8: Curled my eyelashes using my Giorgio Armani eyelash curlers
Step 9: Applied Lancome Virtouse Mascara on my eyelashes

Hello Kitty Most Popular Lipstick
For the rest of this make up, I used the following:
Face: Foundation: Guerlain Extreme Parure
Foundation: Clinique's Almost Powder in Medium
Pressed Powder: Clinique's Double Matte Pressed Powder
Blusher: MAC Dollymix
Now, the question is:


~tHiAmErE~ said...

love the look,sis!

you are so good in blending!

Gracie said...

Thank you tHiamErE! :) I'mo not too bad with blending, I guess :)

teeyah. said...

HIT! I told you it's gonna be pretty :) Me likey!

musicalfanlovesminerals said...

i agree with thiamere! you're really good at blending! the most popular lipstick looks nice! my type!

Askmewhats said...

HIT!! Definitely HIT! You look so fresh sis!!!! You made HK works so well on you!!! :) YAY!

P.S. thanks sis for the recommendation for my dry skin! :) Thank you sis!

Gracie said...

@ Teeyah: Thank you sis! I'm glad you liked it :)

@ musicfanloverminerals: Thank you sis! :) I love the Most Popular lippy too! :)

@ Nikki: Thank you sis! No problems sis. We haven't chatted for a while and I'm missing you! :)

jinxbea said...

Gracie, It a hit as always.... i love the outome of the eye m/u...

Gracie said...

Jinxbea, sis! Thank you! :)

Cris said...

Hit hit hit ^_^!
It's lovely :D!
Most Popular looks so good on you...I'm a bit sad now 'cause it didn't suit me at all :(.

Gracie said...

Thank you Cris! :) I find it hard to believe that Most Popular doesn't suit you as you've got such a lovely full lips :)

Cris said...

Thanks :).
It's the colour :(. Wrong kind of berry for me...I was sad 'cause I wanted to like it.
But oh well, 3 out of 6 Kitty lipsticks suit me :). That's good enough ^_^.

Gracie said...

Cris... I know what you mean sis... sometimes we wish that we could wear every colour that we want... I have the same problems as well as I find it difficult to wear colourful eye make up as well. I end up looking stupid hahaha!