Tuesday, 31 March 2009



Hello my dearies!!! Are you sitting comfortably? Hahahaha! You're probably thinking that I'm cracking up hahahaha!

Anyway, you're probably wondering why I sound this cheerful. Well, I've got no reason to be cheerful at the moment as I've not been feeling great. I had to see my doctor (on a short notice) because of dizzy spells that I've been having in the past few months (it has gone worse last Friday and Saturday was a nightmare. I really did struggle to finish my shift). So, yesterday, I made the decision to try and sort my health out and hopefully get to the bottom of all these. It's funny that being a nurse, I'm very good with giving health care advice but when it comes to my own health, I tend to ignore my symptoms which is not a great idea. So, yesterday, as I went to see my doctor he suggested that I should have some blood tests done. Now, here's the problem, I'm not very good with needles... I don't mind doing it to my patients but I hate taking it (not surprising, is it? Nurses and doctors are the worse patients ;)). Anyway, as the practice nurse took blood from me, she had to stick two needles on my both middle arms the first one she did on the left side wasn't succesful but the right one was okay. I'm such a nightmare when it comes to taking bloods as I've got such tiny delicate veins (trust me to be a difficult patient hahahaha!). Anyway, I'm hoping to get my blood test results this afternoon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's not much of a problem. I'm hoping that it's only a matter of having a low hb (haemoglobin), which can be treated with iron tablets... please, no blood transfusions! (Keeping my fingers crossed). As you can can see, I'm thinking of the worse case scenarion again... stop it! Well, no point fretting about it... I'll wait until I get my results and deal with it as it comes.

Anyway! I just thought I'd share with you the FOTD I came up with last Sunday using my MAC Russian Red lippy. I've opted for neutral eye make up so the look didn't come across that that strong. Now, tell me ladies... HIT or MISS!!! Just be honest, I'll take it as a constructive criticism. Not unless you post a vile comment, I'll publish it hahahahaha! :P

For this look, I've only used my FX cream foundation and Clinique double matte pressed powder (No concealers!) For my eye make up... I used my 120 eyeshadow palette from my last year's collection. I know that lotS of us own this palette hahahaha! I remember reading posts after posts of this palette on other's blog sites when I bought it. Lani (thanks chick!) has been good enough to give me the link to this eye palette. Hey, for those of you who have been wanting to get the Bobbi Brown bright eyes palette... I'm recommending this one.

Are you into red lippies?
What are your favourites?
Any tricks? Secret you'd like to share?
C'mon! I know you want it! ;)


ImPøSsìblè GiRl said...

nice makeup and ur face is cute
the lipstick is funny!!

ImPøSsìblè GiRl said...

i like to put a gloss on the lipstick

Gracie said...

Hahahaha! Thanks for stopping by my page although the last thing I had in my mind about Russian Red lippy is funny :(. Is it really funny? Hahahaha! Now I'm laughing so it really must be funny! Hahahahaha!

Gracie said...

Impossible Girl... I was merely granting a request of one of my readers who asked for swatch of this lipstick. This MAC lippy is matte but I agree, it does look better with a bit of gloss in it as I've noticed it when I applied my Clinique repairwear lip balm on top of it... it was more of moist than glossy which made the colour look radiant :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

love the lips!
a perfect red kissable lips

you could kiss a card,sis!

Phoebe said...

I just wrote a post claiming that Russian Red is one of my favorite MAC lippies. It's very sexy and very tricky to pull off. You did a great job. About 100x better than me. :D

Cris said...

I think it's a Hit...I love how matte it is :).
Will have to buy that one some day ;).

Askmewhats said...

sis i hope you feel better, no more low blood for U! Thanks for sharing your fotd and MAC russian red is so U!!! super nice sis

Tanya.Lou said...

I like it, I think you can carry it off, not many people can in my opinion.
Also I hope everything is ok, and its nothing too serious! *hugs*

teeyah. said...

Great FOTD! I've always wanted to try red lippies but I'm afraid to do so :[ Anyhoo, good job on yours :) Hope you're feeling better.

Gracie said...

@ ThiaEre: Thank you chick! Kiss a card? Which card? Oh right, pass it to me! ;)

@ Phoebe: Now, you're being Miss flatterer, I could never do anything better than you and that's the fact but thank you! :)

@ Cris: Thank you Cris. Yeah, it's worth having to add your red collection :)

@ Nikki: Sis, thanks! Yeah, don't like low BPs hahahaha! I'm feeling better today and decided to get back to work tomorrow :)

@ Tanya.Lou: Thank you Tanya! I do need good wishes nowadays hahahaha!

@ Teeyah: I'm sure you'll pull off a great red lippie look. I can just see it now :)

Steph said...

hi! im just bloghopping. anyways, i say its a HIT! :) i bought the russian red a couple of weeks ago and all i do is stare at it. i was so excited when i bought it but i haven't had the guts to wear it. I've been so used to wearing nude lippies that I'm doubting if I could carry such a red lipstick. LOL.

anyways, i hope you feel better. :)

Gracie said...

Hiya Steph! Thank you for stopping by my page :).

Oh no, Steph! Wear it! I dare you! Hahahaha! I don't know how else to convince you to wear it. Just wear the bloody thing! Hahahaha!

I'm feeling better now Steph, thank! In fact, I'm going back to work tonight against my doctor's advice. He adviced me to take 2 more days off work last Monday but since it's a night shift, I just feel that I'm taken my 2nd day off although my bf tells me that tonight is part of my 2nd day off work hahahaha!

herroyalbleakness said...

wow, Russian Red it is! it's just amazing at how well it complemented your entire look. your FOTD reminded me of Bond Girls...LOL, sultry-looking kasi.

Gracie said...

Hello herroyalbleakness!!! Thanks for stopping by my page and thanks for the comment. Hahahaha! Bond girl daw oh!

teeyah. said...

Aww. Thank you :) I would gather my courage then will try :) Thanks for inspiring me to. :)

Care G. said...

HIT! :) it looks good on you. =)

Gracie said...

Teeyah, darling! That's what sisterhood is for :). But you've got such a pretty face to pull of any looks :)

Gracie said...

Thank yoy Care G! :)

herroyalbleakness said...

i'm falling in love with that Russian Red Lippie. but im not that confident wearing lipsticks :D ill stay lurking at pretty photos of girls who look so stunning in red lips!

Gracie, i hate you for lining your lid superbly. Care to exchange a clumsy right hand with me?

Gracie said...

herroyalbleakness, sis! Just looking at you face and your skin tone, I'm sure it'll suit you. C'mon share it with us, pretty! :)

Sis, I'm still not happy with eyeliners as I can only use pencils... still useless with gel liners :(

herroyalbleakness said...

oh thanks for the vote of confidence Gracie! i sure wish! kaso wala akong confidence to sport a lipstick! hanggang lip tint lang ako mag t-trenta na ako! ^_^