Wednesday, 25 March 2009



Last Sunday, after grabbing a quick pub lunch, we went around town and I've decided to nip in MAC as we were walking passed it. As I was running out of my new favourite MAC Zoomlash mascara, I thought I might as well grab one whilst I was there.

Aside from my Zoomlash mascara, I also grabbed a new lippy in Russian red and Hello Kitty pressed powder in Thailand Sands

As we were heading back home, I saw Agent Provocateur gift bags and the SAs were just taking the price tags off to end the mother's day sale but I was quick enough to grab one hahahaha!

I just love Agent Provocateur stuff! Who doesn't?

Massage oils... something magical happens when these little bottles come out hahahaha!

Why not pamper ourselves on luxury of Agent Provocateur bubble bath has to offer?

A newbie in my my perfume collection

More scented cushions for my knicker drawers

Another yummy Agent Provocateur chocolate by Hotel Chocolat! The cocolate that would make you feel sexy whilst enjoying it ;)

Cards from my little one and a little basket filled with chocolates and toffees he made at cubs


Cris said...

Your cards are lovely ^_^.
And my sister has that Beauty Powder :D! Well, I convinced her to get it :-P. At first she wouldn't shut up about spending 27 Euros on a make-up item, but once she actually tried it, she completely fell in love with it :). I even got her to add some Style Warriors stuff to her wishlist ;).
I'm a bad influence...Lol.

Gracie said...

Thank you Cris! My little one says thank you :) Hahahaha! Cris! Yes, you're such a bad influence. There were a few things I'd love to get hold of on HK collection but they're all sold out. I love this pressed powder though... it's simply gorgeous!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

I love that agent provocateur stuff!
It looks so provocatively good...

You're such a lucky mom because you have such sweet kids!

i wish ill be like you when i begin to have kids... XD

Askmewhats said...

Sam is sooooo sweet! he loves you dearly!!!

Sis you got the MAC na Can you believe I haven't been to MAC yet??? I plan to go there with my colleague today..sana there is something left pa! hahahaha

MAC Russian Red! The famous red lippie from MAC, I am sure it'll look wonderful on you!

Shen said...

the card is too cute!! love it! sam is ever so sweet. :) takes after his mom. agent provocateur looks so sexy!! definitely in par with your sizzling personality sis! :) good thing you still got the HK beauty powder. :) i'm thinking everything was sold out already. lol!

tinedangganda said...

wow, your son is so adorable... I'm happy you enjoyed your Mother's day...

Gracie said...

@ Thiamere: You're right about the Agent Provocateur stuff chick! ;)

I feel so lucky to have a baby like mine... he's a very very sweek kid ;)... but then again, I'm his mum so I'm bound to be biased hahahaha! I'm sure you'll be a great mum in the future :)

@ Nikki: Sis, to be fair, you've got a lot to deal with at the moment and I'm sure make up won't be right on top of your list :)

@Shen: Thank you sis! Sis, we've still got a few HK items at my end but I'm sure they'll all be gone soon :)

@Tindangganda: Sis, true and it's nice to have such a great kid... can't ask for more :)

Khymm said...

been wanting to get Russian Red pero not sure if it fits me.. I got MAC Red instead, and am excited na! =) Please post swatches pics of you wearing it Gracie! =)Red is soo IN right now!! Btw, Is it drying? Since the formula is matte.. Never tried mattes pa..

Gracie said...

I do love red lippies, they're like safety net for me if I want to wear 'safe' make up as it suits almost any colour at all. I'll try to come up with FOTD wearing my new Russian Red soon and that's a promise so watch this space! :)

Unfortunately, just like any other matte lippies, it is quite drying but to avoid this, soon as I feel that my lips starts drying, I swipe my lips (on top of Russian Red lippie)with my Clinique repairwear lip balm (and I can do that without looking at mirror hahahaha!)