Thursday, 19 March 2009



I have been visiting my favourite designer shop in town trying my luck on new yellow Christian Dior shoes but to my frustration, I don't think I'll ever get hold of them. There's only one pair left in the country in that colour and in my size. They've got them in size 39 (I wear size 37, darn!) and they've been trying to swap them between shops but they seem to hang on to them like they're hanging on to their dear lives. How frustrating is that? My point is, why can't they let me buy it from my shop by them sending it to the one near me. After all, it's still the money would still go to the same company. I love challenges but this is beyond joke. Now, I'm moaning. The other day, I phoned their outlet in Liverpool and they've confirmed that they've got them (can it be anymore annoying than that? I thought to myself). I asked them if I could buy them over the phone but they told me I can't. I came to the point that I felt desperate (or sad?) to get hold of them that I consider jumping on a train just to get those shoes from Liverpool. They told me that they could hold them for me until this Sunday (Mother's day here in the UK). That would be just selfish of me, won't it, when I should be spending it with my son instead of dragging him across the country so I can fetch my bloody shoes (now, I'm sounding really wound up hahahaha!). I know what my bf would say... 'bloody, bloody shoes!' hahahahaha!

Anyway, as the shop was having a 2 day sale, I thought I might as well have a look and guess what? I found this... pair!

My 3rd pair of Miu Miu footwear

They're gorgeous and you must agree with me ;) (of course you don't have to hahahaha!)

My bf hates these pair but I just ignored him... he was cringing as I tried them on like they were the most disgusting things he's ever seen. Well, they're not my usual stilettos but they're gorgeous and comfortable to wear. I love them and will be wearing them over summer whether he likes it or not. After all, it's my feet and back that are at stake. As much as I love wearing my stilettos, I'm coming to the point where I've to look after my own health as well. I still love my stilettos but for walking around town, I find this pair perfect.

I'm still not giving up on the pair of Dior that I wanted though and I'm still hoping that they're able to get them for me. They told me that they would and I hope they deliver.


Tanya.Lou said...

Actually, I like them :)
And yeah they're your feet not the bf's hehe =p

Gracie said...

Absolutely Tanya! Cheers! :) xxx

Askmewhats said...

I know why your BF hates them lol guys don't like "frilly" stuffs, but girl girl girl! I'm glad you listened to your heart! That's a GORGEOUS pair!!! I love it sis!! Gosh, we girls agree on liking the same stuffs!!!!

Maria said...

omg.. gorgeous sandal! pls pls pls try it on and take pic.. really want to see..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i know that feeling of wanting something so bad you wanna bungee jump just to let out your

but i gotta agree with the girls.. that is just simply marvelous!

i love that sandals!

it look stylish without being too overly elegant.

its perfect for those days when you are opting for comfort but don't want a boring footwear.