Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Last Tuesday, during my day off instead of getting on with my house chores I've decided to ask my boyfriend if I could join him for lunch (yeah, I tend to invite myself when least expected hahahaha!) and he said yes (hmmm... I wonder what would've have happened if he said 'no'?)

Anyway, as I've had 2 hours to kill before meeting my boyfriend, I've decided to walk around the city centre and nipped in phone centre to have a look at Sony Ericsson C905 (I've been checking this out since last year when it came out). The sales rep approached me and we got chatting then started talking about phones. As I've been wanting to cancel my contract, I couldn't easily decide what to do that time then I found myself being in such a great dilemma of whether to upgrade my phone or cancel my contract. Then on the back of my mind (No, I wasn't hearing voices ).. screaming... UPGRADE!!! UPGRADE!!! UPGRADE!!! So I turned to the sales rep and said... 'Alright then, I'll get an upgrade' so next thing... I was sat on the infront the sales rep going through my upgrade transaction hahahaha!

To cut the story short... here's my new phone... A lovely pink Sony Ericsson C905...

My lovely pink phone came with gifts... Yup yup yup!!! Perfume!!! or shall I say... Perfumes!!!

Alright... this was hardly a dilemma, was it?

Of course, my new phone first!!! :P

When it comes to phone, I'm not really into pink but this is a lovely shade of metallic pink :)

Now, the 'perfumes'. I didn't know whether to cry or laugh... I thought to myself... 'How on earth could anyone make the whole gift thing exciting when all I get are these? Are they having a laugh?' I sound sad when it comes to perfume, I know :P

Then I've decided to flick through the booklet that was enclosed in the perfume box and I found this... I felt so silly hahahaha!!! Trust me not to read first hahahaha!!!

Alright, alright! It was hardly a rocket science, was it? The samples are for me to try and I'll have to send the enclosed form to claim my voucher that I could then redeem against the perfume of of my choice... Hahahaha!
Now then... which do you think will I go for? Hmmm... decision... decision...
For now... whilst I'm waiting for my voucher to come through... I'd play with my new toy!!! Wooohooo!!!

I've started using this phone today and it really is great... I love it!!! I've been a Sony Ericsson girl for over 5 years now and I can't imagine myself having a change of heart as every year I get myself an exciting new phone hahahaha!!!


Askmewhats said...

sis! this is the phone you told me about!!! I love it! PINK!!! wow it's not an "in your face" pink but such a cute kind of pink!!!! :)

Gracie said...

Indeed sis!!! That's the one!!! :) Even my bf likes its shade of pink :)

Anonymous said...

Ooh! It's so pretty! Wish they have the pink one here in the P.I.. Ive been a loyal SE user since i was 16 ( im now 22). It's definitely way better than Nokia. =)

Cris said...

Isn't it amazing how every choice we make affects us :D?
Great new phone :). It's much nicer than the hot pink ones - or the boring black ones :-P. And it's great from a technical point of view too ;).
And I love Paco Rabanne Black XS :D, but you go ahead and test the lot, and then you'll know your favourite ^_^.

Gracie said...

My-mija! Thanks for dropping by my page! Very much appreciated! I can't agree more! SE definitely compared to Nokia! I'll never go back to Nokia, ever!!!

Cris, it's true and I'm not the great person to face dilemma hahahaha! Definitely, I've been having blacks and blues in the past and you're right, black could get boring. Sis, I am actually leaning towards the Paco Rabanne Black XS ;)