Saturday, 28 February 2009


Happy Birthday MySpace Comments and Graphics

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This post goes to my special sis Nikki who's celebrating her 30th birthday today. Sis Nikki is one of the very few people I have met online. I never thought I'd met a friend truly dear to me online but I did and this lovely girl is everything a bestfriend could be. I truly adore this girl and I will treasure our friendship forever.

Happy 30th birthday to you sis and I wish you all the best in life :)

Saturday, 21 February 2009



Just realized that the link on my early post of the music video I'd like to share you guys doesn't work so please try this one. It really is cool.

Cheers guys!!!!

Yey!!!! It works this time! I hope you enjoy it guys :)




This song has been playing in my mind since the first time I heard it. It really is catchy and I thought I'd share it with you guys.

I love Girls Aloud and followed them during the 'Popstar Rival' reality show a few years ago. Why do I love these girls? Hmmm... well, I love them because they're just these five beautiful, cute and sexy girls. I love their make up, their clothes, shoes and some of their songs.

Below is the link of the official music video of The Loving Kind... Damn! They won't let me nick it hahahaha!

Please click the link... honestly... you'll love the make up and the outfit...



As you could probably imagine, I have been pampering myself with my new La Mer Skin regime and I'm loving every minute of it!

I thought I'd give you an update by posting an FOTD. I know someone has requested that I post a photo of me without make up but it is never going to happen :P

Anyway, photos below were taken a week after I've started my Creme De La Mer skin care regime.

Here are the products that I've used:
Step 1: Creme de la Mer skin care regime. Cleanser and moisturizer. I've also used my Creme de la Mer radiant infusion which can be found on my previous post.

Step 2: Christian Dior face Primer. (Not on photo)
Step 3: Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation. I love this foundation to bits!

Step 4: Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Concealer
Step 5: Clinique double powder in Matte Ivory (Not on photo)pressed all over my face on top of my foundation and blended in
Step 6: Clarins eye pencil (Not on photo) to draw and shape my eyebrows
Step 7: Eyeshadow - Estee Lauder Blockbuster Christmas 2008
Step 8: Eyeliner - Clinique cream eyeliner (Not on photo)
Step 9: Eyelash curlers - Giorgio Armani (Not on photo)
Step 10: Mascara - MAC Zoomlash mascara (Not on photo)

Step 11: Blusher - From the Estee Lauder Christmas 2008 Blockbuster collection

Step 12: Lip balm - Creme de la Mer lip balm (Photo above)
Step 13: Lip liner - Chanel Lip Liner in shade of pink (I haven't got the colour description on top of my head) (Not on photo)
Step 14: Lipstick - Guerlain KissKiss lipstick
Step 15: Lipgloss - Guerlain KissKiss lipgloss

Step 16: Finally! Guerlain Meteorites compact pressed powder swept all over my face.

Phew! That's me done... now... pull that hair back, put uniform on and run!!!!

Friday, 20 February 2009



Hello my friends!!! Well, what can I tell you? Who said that going to work can be boring? Guess who I worked today? Well? No other than the K1 Beijing Olympic 2008 champion himself... Dr. Tim Brabant! Woohoo!!! That could never be any better than that, could it? It wasn't a matter of seeing a great sport person himself for a matter of few seconds, few minutes or few hours... but for my entire 12 hour shift!

The first time I heard of him (sorry Tim) was when I received an alumni email from my dear Alma Mater The University of Nottingham, an anouncement that he was heading for Beijing as part of the Team GB that I started to watch him closely (and yes, I watched him win the gold medal too and that was absolutely exciting... I can still remember how my heart raced during the game hahahaha!).

Anyway, as I was standing infront Tim during the ward round I thought he looked familiar to me and when I looked at his badge... I was like... Oh my gosh! It's him! Oh! I hope he doesn't read this, otherwise that'll be just embarassing. Then one of my patients asked for an autograph and he has been kind enough to give him one (Bless him! It really cheered my patient :))

The other thing that I found amazing about this person, is that eventhough he has been bringing so much pride and joy into this country, he didn't have that 'I am famous' behaviour. During the entire shift, he worked and he behaved as a good doctor and not a famous sports personality. What can I say... having that opportunity to work with such a great doctor and a person... I felt priviliged. I'd definitely be cheering for him during the London Olympics. I'd probably be telling everyone that he's my colleague hahaha! I just hope he doesn't read this though.

Triumphant Tim Brabants

Below is a news extract that was released by The University of Nottingham Alumni Magazine Spring 2008

Going for Gold
Tim’s seeing double

'In the first of a series of interviews with our hopefuls Reflect talks to the current K1 World Canoe K1000m Champion Tim Brabants (Medicine 2002) who’s dreaming of not just of one gold medal but possibly two!

Former Nottingham students are entering the next phase of preparation for the Beijing Olympics as they bid to bring home gold medals for Great Britain.Current World 1000km canoe champion Tim Brabants has had the best run up possible to the most important sporting event of his life.“2007 was the best season of my career so far, winning 9 international medals, 4 of them Gold. It shows that I am training well and doing the right training for me. This gives me more confidence in what I am going to do over the next 8 months to the Olympics.“Great Britain hasn’t had a World Champion in over 20 years. It is something I have been striving to achieve since I first started to compete internationally at senior level in 1995. It is a new experience for me to be going into an Olympic Games as World Champion and in reality I couldn’t hope for better! “Of course there is increased pressure to reproduce this performance at the Olympics but I use this as a positive factor. There are many very talented athletes who I will be competing against and of those, only a few of us are capable of winning. It will come down to who performs the best on the day, and I am training hard to try and make sure that is me!”

Eight years ago Tim won a bronze medal at the Sydney Olympics and four years ago he finished a disappointing fifth. This winter Tim has already spent two weeks training at altitude in France and six weeks in the warm weather of Cape Town. The rest of 2008 will be spent with more training both at home and in Spain, the European Championships, three World Cup events and of course, the Olympic Games.“Training has been going really well this season so far and providing I remain injury free I will have as good a chance of winning a medal as I did at the Worlds last year. I will be very disappointed not to at least win a medal at the Olympics.Tim ‘s heavily focused on Beijing at the moment but he’s passionate about his and believes he’s still young enough to go on to compete in London 2012. “I qualified as a medical doctor at Nottingham University in 2002. Since then I have worked part-time and full-time. The last 18 months I have been training for my sport full time and doing medical courses occasionally to keep my skills up and brain working! I always plan to return to medicine when I retire from my sport, hopefully in emergency medicine.”

“I always kept a very low profile at the University as I was training before and after lectures every day and at weekends. I had very little time to socialize much with other University students. I still see a few of my closer colleagues around and keep in touch from time to time. I still own a flat in Nottingham and stay there quite a lot when I am back in the UK. It’s a great city and there are superb facilities all close by for training.“My real dream is to win an Olympic Gold medal. I shall be competing in two events at the Olympics so in reality, I hope to win two medals, maybe even two Golds! After that I shall focus on my medical career for a while but keep up the training too and see what happens.”

Please feel free the click the link below to see the men K1 finals at the Beijing Olympics

Friday, 13 February 2009

Bebe Gandanghari


I was just about to switch my laptop off when I got a new email pop up from my friend and to check what it was... I got... THESE!!!

The first time I saw Rustom's first interview on 'The Buzz' (via youtube, where else... I've got no TFC :(), I was soooo shocked and I didn't quite know what to make of it. As much as I've seen the funny and entertaining side of it, I can't help myself but feel sorry for his family specially his brother, Robin and his ex-wife Carmina Villaroel. WHY OH WHY??? Anyway here are the photos attatched on my friend's email... Tell me what you think of it. Do you think Rustom (a.k.a. Bebe Gandanghari) has pushed the boundaries to the extreme or shall we just look at the whole thing and just say... ma at pa?

Creme de la Mer


After surviving the horrindous snowfall Thursday last week, I thought I deserved a treat. Just incase you lot are wondering what I'm talking about... well, it goes a little like this...

Thursday last week, we had a bad snowfall and I didn't had any other choice but to kick my bum, put my winter coat and boots on wrap myself up with scarf and gloves on. Soon as we stepped on deep snow, I turned to my son and I asked him if we could turn around instead of going to school but he was persistent. I'm telling you, you could never bribe my son with anything when it comes to school. He loves it so much. Anyway, after the struggle (as in walking like Charlie Choplin or a pair of penguins) of getting my son to school, I've managed to get back home in one piece.

I was all warm and comfy in my living room when the phone rang and... typical it was the La Mer SA to let me know that they had delivery of the items I wanted.... So, in the name of beauty (as Shen said), I had to get myself wrapped up again to fetch them. So, I thought I'd share them with you. I can now say that I have the whole La mer regime and loving it!

Radiant infusion. I sweep this on my face before the intensifying fluid

Exfoliating facial. I'll only have to use this once a weeks and the SA suggested it works even better when used as a mask. Hmmmm... When I wake up this afternoon (been on night shift), I'll have this as mask whilst I have a relaxing soak on a hot bath *nudge nudge wink wink
So, that's my whole La Mer collection. The SA told me that next time she'll introduce the body cream into my skin care regime followed by make up... Sound luxurious indeed hahahaha! Well, we only live once so why not make the most of it ;)

Thursday, 5 February 2009



I've been visiting the La Mer counter since before Christmas and kept thinking of buying them. However because of the price, I had to leave it for a while and think over it. Then I started running out of my Clinique clarifying lotion so I've decided to give the Creme de la Mer another visit with plans of buying them eventually :)

The SA was very very accommodating and really took her time to explain and demostrate everything to me without pushing any sales (I like it when they're like that). I went to the counter with the Miracle Trio in mind but ended up getting more (I'm fetching 2 more to complete the whole regime :)) very shortly.

Anyway, here's my new skin care regime and I've only started using them last night and really loving the whole lot already. Have you tried this product already? If you have... care to share how you're finding it?

I love the packaging!!!

My new Creme de la Mer haul with gift :)

Indeed an exciting haul :)

This skin care range is becoming more and more popular

First step (Night)
The Cleansing Fluid
'Massage onto dry skin to dissolve make up and impurities. Add water to create a luxurious, milky fluid. Rinse throughly.'

First step (Morning)
Second step (Night)
The Cleansing Foam
'Massage overn damp skin in circular motions to form a rich foam that transforms from green to white as skin is purified. Rinse thoroughly.'

Third step (Night)
Second step (Morning)
The Tonic
'After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and dab gently all over face and neck. Moisten a fresh pad and repeat until cotton comes away clean.'

Fourth step (Night)
Third step (Morning)
The Lifting Face Serum
'After cleansing and toning, apply several drops onto fingers and sweep over face and neck. Follow with the Lifting Intensifier or Creme de la Mer.'

Fifth step (Night)
Fourth step (Morning)
The Eye Concentrate
'Dab a small amount onto the silver-tipped applicator and gently sweep around the eye area.'

Sixth step (Night)
Fifth step (Morning)
Creme de la Mer
'To activate the Miracle Broth and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips and pat onto clean, dry skin. Smooth over face, neck, even under the fragile eye area.'

The Lip Balm
'Warm a small amount with fingertips. Apply with light patting motion'

The Gift :)

I will be editing this post soon to include the products' details. I find them fascinating and I'm sure you will too :).

Monday, 2 February 2009



I honestly don't know what makes me deserve such generous presents from my ever loving... ever caring.. ever generous sis Nikki (Ask me whats... Indeed!) Sis, you are spoiling me! My eyes were wide open when I opened the envelope! I could hardly believe what I had infront of me. Sis.... Thanks ever so much!!! You just don't know how happy I'm feeling at this very moment. Not only because of your generous presents but the way you thought (and think) of me. Sis, you are real to me and I love you to bits!!!

Now you can understand why my bf loves this girl so much hahaha!

I love this crystal bracelet to bits and it fits me great as well! Nikki knows me so much!!!

Thanks ever so much for my beautiful presents sis Nikki! You're simply the best!!! Thanks to Keith as well!!! I love you guys!!!
Chat to you soon!!!



Shock horror! I've been looking forward to a brighter and not so cold spring and here's what I got? Enough already!!! I'm not a great fan of snow... never have been and never will be!!! We don't get that much snow in England and when we do, it gives me the least reason to stay out. I just hate it! Snow... go away!!!!

Last night when my bf was leaving my place

This morning at 5 when I woke up to take my Sam to school

I wasn't looking forward to going out this morning... not under any circumstances but I had to. Walking on an icy road is not an easy thing to do. Grrr!!! Why me????