Friday, 13 February 2009

Bebe Gandanghari


I was just about to switch my laptop off when I got a new email pop up from my friend and to check what it was... I got... THESE!!!

The first time I saw Rustom's first interview on 'The Buzz' (via youtube, where else... I've got no TFC :(), I was soooo shocked and I didn't quite know what to make of it. As much as I've seen the funny and entertaining side of it, I can't help myself but feel sorry for his family specially his brother, Robin and his ex-wife Carmina Villaroel. WHY OH WHY??? Anyway here are the photos attatched on my friend's email... Tell me what you think of it. Do you think Rustom (a.k.a. Bebe Gandanghari) has pushed the boundaries to the extreme or shall we just look at the whole thing and just say... ma at pa?


Shen said...

hi sis! i honestly adore bebe.. even if i had a huge crush on him back then. :) now i admire his spunk. it takes so much to be able to be happy and often time that's when we will be know how far our friends and family will go for us. just my two cent. :)

Askmewhats said...

grabe! he is WORKING IT..or shall I say SHE??? Bebe does look like Carmina! <--- MA at PA! hahaha

Askmewhats said...

grabe! he is WORKING IT..or shall I say SHE??? Bebe does look like Carmina! <--- MA at PA! hahaha

Gracie said...

Hello sis Shen! I agree with you and you're right, doing extreme things would prove us who our real friends are but I just can imagine that for some people, it won't be easy for them to accept that this has happened... could it be out of frustration... disappointment... and all the rest of it. Yes, it's nice to be able to express our inner selves and I'm sure that it was not easy for him to finally come out as a different person but it will keep going back to the fact that some people's private lives have been affected by the whole thing. I've got some gay friends and relatives and I completely adore them... they're like my mirror when I dress up... they tell me what they think of it whether I like it or not hahahaha! Going back to Bebe, I watched that interview at 'The Buzz' where he was talking about the ups and downs of being a woman based on his lived experience. I think you know which one I'm talking about. I'm blabbing again hahaha!!!!

Sis Nikki! Hahahaha! True about him looking like Carmina!... and yes... ma at pa! hahahahaha!

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vanvan said...

ang saya ni bebe...ang saya ko din para sa kanya..

mabuhay ang mga taong totoo sa sarili..

Gracie said...

Vanvan! True!!!

Tiffany said...

Ma at Pa!! But I must admit, it's kinda weird seeing him in a dress and long hair! I had a crush on him when I was younger and boy, I didn't expect he'd turn out to be gay. LOL!

Gracie said...

Tiff, I know exactly what you mean. Although I remember when there was a time where Rustom was once called 'Rustica' and that was before he married Carmina.

iambeautiful20 said...

wow these are gorgeous photos of her.

Gracie said...

I know sis! Bigay todo si lola! Hahahaha!

Tobenicer said...

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