Thursday, 5 February 2009



I've been visiting the La Mer counter since before Christmas and kept thinking of buying them. However because of the price, I had to leave it for a while and think over it. Then I started running out of my Clinique clarifying lotion so I've decided to give the Creme de la Mer another visit with plans of buying them eventually :)

The SA was very very accommodating and really took her time to explain and demostrate everything to me without pushing any sales (I like it when they're like that). I went to the counter with the Miracle Trio in mind but ended up getting more (I'm fetching 2 more to complete the whole regime :)) very shortly.

Anyway, here's my new skin care regime and I've only started using them last night and really loving the whole lot already. Have you tried this product already? If you have... care to share how you're finding it?

I love the packaging!!!

My new Creme de la Mer haul with gift :)

Indeed an exciting haul :)

This skin care range is becoming more and more popular

First step (Night)
The Cleansing Fluid
'Massage onto dry skin to dissolve make up and impurities. Add water to create a luxurious, milky fluid. Rinse throughly.'

First step (Morning)
Second step (Night)
The Cleansing Foam
'Massage overn damp skin in circular motions to form a rich foam that transforms from green to white as skin is purified. Rinse thoroughly.'

Third step (Night)
Second step (Morning)
The Tonic
'After cleansing, moisten a cotton pad and dab gently all over face and neck. Moisten a fresh pad and repeat until cotton comes away clean.'

Fourth step (Night)
Third step (Morning)
The Lifting Face Serum
'After cleansing and toning, apply several drops onto fingers and sweep over face and neck. Follow with the Lifting Intensifier or Creme de la Mer.'

Fifth step (Night)
Fourth step (Morning)
The Eye Concentrate
'Dab a small amount onto the silver-tipped applicator and gently sweep around the eye area.'

Sixth step (Night)
Fifth step (Morning)
Creme de la Mer
'To activate the Miracle Broth and release its key ingredients, warm a small amount between your fingertips and pat onto clean, dry skin. Smooth over face, neck, even under the fragile eye area.'

The Lip Balm
'Warm a small amount with fingertips. Apply with light patting motion'

The Gift :)

I will be editing this post soon to include the products' details. I find them fascinating and I'm sure you will too :).


Askmewhats said...

Thanks for sharing your new beauty routine! Let me know if it's super effective ha? I'm sure it is!!! :D

Gracie said...

No, problems sis... Thanks for showing an interest :) I'll keep you posted on this one :)

iamsutil said...


my gulay, ate...nakakaloka ang loots mo ng LA MER! i am drooling! omg omg! hahahha

i'm sure it would work on you...keep us posted!


Gracie said...

Sis Jheng! Hahaha! Nagparamdam ka at last! Hahaha! Oh, sis! I miss chatting with you already! Definitely sis! I might be posting endless findings on La Mer... Keep in touch sis! Muah!

Anonymous said...

*keeps my mouth from hanging open*

i can't believe you got a whole lot of La Mer! i don't even want to compute how much you spent on those lol. i once contemplated on getting even just one from their line and it was really too hard to decide on! lol. i hope it works out for you! Fuz loves it too.

Gracie said...

Sis, you've gotta try La Mer too! It's pure lux! It's sooo exciting to use and I'm loving it! I've tried the moisturizing lotion about 2 years ago and decided to go for the whole lot... well... almost hahaha! Fuz who? Don't know who Fuz is hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Wow! La Mer! My mouth is so drooling right now!

Gracie said...

Thank you for stopping by my page Lootwagon!!! I think a woman should at least try La Mer ;)

shatzlaine said...

im new in your page, hehe.. wow im super drooling!!! i love lamer too,. i only have lamer moisturizing cream and im so contemplating on eye concentrate.. wish i could buy the whole line too

Gracie said...

Hello Shatzlaine!!! Welcome to my blog! :) I think everyone should try the eye concentrate... it's aboslutely amazing and loves it to bits! xxx