Tuesday, 31 March 2009



Hello my dearies!!! Are you sitting comfortably? Hahahaha! You're probably thinking that I'm cracking up hahahaha!

Anyway, you're probably wondering why I sound this cheerful. Well, I've got no reason to be cheerful at the moment as I've not been feeling great. I had to see my doctor (on a short notice) because of dizzy spells that I've been having in the past few months (it has gone worse last Friday and Saturday was a nightmare. I really did struggle to finish my shift). So, yesterday, I made the decision to try and sort my health out and hopefully get to the bottom of all these. It's funny that being a nurse, I'm very good with giving health care advice but when it comes to my own health, I tend to ignore my symptoms which is not a great idea. So, yesterday, as I went to see my doctor he suggested that I should have some blood tests done. Now, here's the problem, I'm not very good with needles... I don't mind doing it to my patients but I hate taking it (not surprising, is it? Nurses and doctors are the worse patients ;)). Anyway, as the practice nurse took blood from me, she had to stick two needles on my both middle arms the first one she did on the left side wasn't succesful but the right one was okay. I'm such a nightmare when it comes to taking bloods as I've got such tiny delicate veins (trust me to be a difficult patient hahahaha!). Anyway, I'm hoping to get my blood test results this afternoon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that there's not much of a problem. I'm hoping that it's only a matter of having a low hb (haemoglobin), which can be treated with iron tablets... please, no blood transfusions! (Keeping my fingers crossed). As you can can see, I'm thinking of the worse case scenarion again... stop it! Well, no point fretting about it... I'll wait until I get my results and deal with it as it comes.

Anyway! I just thought I'd share with you the FOTD I came up with last Sunday using my MAC Russian Red lippy. I've opted for neutral eye make up so the look didn't come across that that strong. Now, tell me ladies... HIT or MISS!!! Just be honest, I'll take it as a constructive criticism. Not unless you post a vile comment, I'll publish it hahahahaha! :P

For this look, I've only used my FX cream foundation and Clinique double matte pressed powder (No concealers!) For my eye make up... I used my 120 eyeshadow palette from my last year's collection. I know that lotS of us own this palette hahahaha! I remember reading posts after posts of this palette on other's blog sites when I bought it. Lani (thanks chick!) has been good enough to give me the link to this eye palette. Hey, for those of you who have been wanting to get the Bobbi Brown bright eyes palette... I'm recommending this one.

Are you into red lippies?
What are your favourites?
Any tricks? Secret you'd like to share?
C'mon! I know you want it! ;)

Wednesday, 25 March 2009



Last Sunday, after grabbing a quick pub lunch, we went around town and I've decided to nip in MAC as we were walking passed it. As I was running out of my new favourite MAC Zoomlash mascara, I thought I might as well grab one whilst I was there.

Aside from my Zoomlash mascara, I also grabbed a new lippy in Russian red and Hello Kitty pressed powder in Thailand Sands

As we were heading back home, I saw Agent Provocateur gift bags and the SAs were just taking the price tags off to end the mother's day sale but I was quick enough to grab one hahahaha!

I just love Agent Provocateur stuff! Who doesn't?

Massage oils... something magical happens when these little bottles come out hahahaha!

Why not pamper ourselves on luxury of Agent Provocateur bubble bath has to offer?

A newbie in my my perfume collection

More scented cushions for my knicker drawers

Another yummy Agent Provocateur chocolate by Hotel Chocolat! The cocolate that would make you feel sexy whilst enjoying it ;)

Cards from my little one and a little basket filled with chocolates and toffees he made at cubs

Sunday, 22 March 2009



Happy mother's day to all mums in the UK. I've actually got a funny story happened a few years ago. I sent my mother in the Philippines a mother's day card in March forgetting that we celebrate the occasion on May instead of March. My poor mother thought that I was losing the plot when she got that card so I made sure that it didn't happen again hahahaha!

Anyway, for the day, I thougth I'd share with you the look that I came up with for the day. As it looked bright outside (but soon darkened hahahaha! That's English weather for you!), I've decided to wear something bright so I visited my 120 eye palette from my last year's collection. I've also decided to wear the top my sweet Nikki sent me for my birthday. Thank you sis! My bf loves the top and I'll tell you why next we chat on YM (tomorrow maybe hahahaha!)

I've used my new phone's camera to take this photo. I couldn't be bothered to get my camera from my living room hahahaha! My face looked too white (or pale?)... I blame the camera hahahaha!

This is for you sis Nikki! :P Sorry sis, it's still cold here so I had to wear my jacket on top :)

Oh, here's one sis Nikki. Ignore the clutter on the background as I was rushing hahahahaha!!!

Thursday, 19 March 2009



I have been visiting my favourite designer shop in town trying my luck on new yellow Christian Dior shoes but to my frustration, I don't think I'll ever get hold of them. There's only one pair left in the country in that colour and in my size. They've got them in size 39 (I wear size 37, darn!) and they've been trying to swap them between shops but they seem to hang on to them like they're hanging on to their dear lives. How frustrating is that? My point is, why can't they let me buy it from my shop by them sending it to the one near me. After all, it's still the money would still go to the same company. I love challenges but this is beyond joke. Now, I'm moaning. The other day, I phoned their outlet in Liverpool and they've confirmed that they've got them (can it be anymore annoying than that? I thought to myself). I asked them if I could buy them over the phone but they told me I can't. I came to the point that I felt desperate (or sad?) to get hold of them that I consider jumping on a train just to get those shoes from Liverpool. They told me that they could hold them for me until this Sunday (Mother's day here in the UK). That would be just selfish of me, won't it, when I should be spending it with my son instead of dragging him across the country so I can fetch my bloody shoes (now, I'm sounding really wound up hahahaha!). I know what my bf would say... 'bloody, bloody shoes!' hahahahaha!

Anyway, as the shop was having a 2 day sale, I thought I might as well have a look and guess what? I found this... pair!

My 3rd pair of Miu Miu footwear

They're gorgeous and you must agree with me ;) (of course you don't have to hahahaha!)

My bf hates these pair but I just ignored him... he was cringing as I tried them on like they were the most disgusting things he's ever seen. Well, they're not my usual stilettos but they're gorgeous and comfortable to wear. I love them and will be wearing them over summer whether he likes it or not. After all, it's my feet and back that are at stake. As much as I love wearing my stilettos, I'm coming to the point where I've to look after my own health as well. I still love my stilettos but for walking around town, I find this pair perfect.

I'm still not giving up on the pair of Dior that I wanted though and I'm still hoping that they're able to get them for me. They told me that they would and I hope they deliver.

Monday, 16 March 2009



As my way expressing my gratitude to my readers and followers of this blog site, I am giving away a few exciting Clarins products to the lucky winner of this contest. No purchase necessary ;)... all you have to do is do the following steps...

Step 1: Follow this blog.
Step 2: Answer this question by using the comment section... In your own opinion... what makes a good blog site? You can say as much or as little as you want. See? That easy and simple!

Price includes the following:

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel 125ml(With Marula Oil)

Fix' Make-Up Refreshing Mist 30ml(Long Lasting Hold)

Multi Active Day Cream 15ml(Youthful Vitality)

Super Hydrant Moisture-Rich Body Lotion 30ml

Gentle Foaming Cleanser 20ml

Make-up Bag

What are you waiting for? The last entry would be the 11th of April 2009 and will be drawn fairly.
Good luck and I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!!!
This contest is open to everyone... wherever you are as long as the country where you live permits delivery of these products. Soon as I have announced the winner, the price will be shipped ASAP.

Saturday, 14 March 2009



I have been so busy at work that I have not been able to update my blog as often as would want it to be. However, better late than never!!!

Since Christmas, I've had a few things that I've not beena ble to share with you guys and I suppose, it has got to be done. So here I am, blogging after my night shift hahahaha! This is my way of winding down after my hectic night shift.

I'll try not to blab so much as I'll be needing my beauty rest ASAP!!!

Anyway, please feel free to browse along :)

A couple of Christmas presents, something out of my Spring shopping, Valentine's day presents and my birthday presents.

This wasn't one of my presents. Just a shopping bag I grabbed from Harrods on my birthday.


My birthday presents

Galliano shirt from my boyfriend :)

A few presents from moi to MOI!!! Of course it is allowed to buy ourselves presents!

The Body Refining Scrub
Creme de la Mer

The Body Cream
Creme de la Mer

My gift
Protecting fluid (can be used as face primer)
Creme de la Mer

Bobbi Brown Bright Eyes Palette

Birthday presents from my sweet sis Nikki!!!


My boyfriend got me lovely presents and a HUGE card!!! Galliano perfume and La Senza gift voucher

My boyfriend not only gave me lovely presents, he also wrote me a poem on Valentine's Day!!! Sweet indded! I was nearly in tears!

Sexy packaging indeed!!! Love it!!!

The beauty consultant who became a great shopping friend always spoil me... I even got another Vivienne Westwood body lotion and Agent Provocateur exclusive Valentine's Day chocolate by Hotel Chocolat... and of course, 2 baby Gallianos (I meant the miniature Galliano perfume!)

New perfumes to add my collection

Galliano Hot Couture is still a distant dream but I can't complain to have my own perfume and a shirt. They'll do for now ;)

Molton Brown Eau de Parfum I picked during my spring shopping venture


Ghost Eau de Parfum from my boyfriend's parents

Body Shop gift set from Neil's sister