Tuesday, 6 January 2009

MAC Make Up Campaign


I was sitting in the pub with my boyfriend to grab a quick lunch when I happened to look out the window opposite the building where a picture of Barry Humpries (a.k.a. Dame Edna) shown printed on the glass wall of MAC make up shop... I thought to myself... 'why would anyone let alone a woman want to look like Barry Humphries/Dame Edna? No disrespect to Barry Humphries because I love him as a comedian and even adored him when he judged the most recent BBC1 reality show 'I'd Do Anything For You'. But to look like Dame Edna? I'd give it a pass. So, out of curiousity, I mentioned to my bf that I would have a look at the whole make up collection and I was expecting them to be some kind of outrageous lot but sad to say... it wasn't as exciting as Dame Edna's character so I left the shop empty handed. I wonder how much Barry Humphries got paid for this campaign? Hmmm... As much as I love make up... I just don't get this one... what's next? A Lily Savage campaign?

Dame Edna

Barry Humphries

Paul O'Grady (a.k.a. Lily Savage)


Vanessa M. said...

haha FINALLY! someone who agrees w me!

Nic Nic said...

whahaha i totally know what you mean! happy new year Gracie!

Gracie said...

Van! I thought it was only me! Ha ha ha!

Happy New Year to you too Nic Nic!!!

Anonymous said...

i too wouldn't want to look like gay when am obviously a woman lol but i actually like some stuff in the Dame Edna collection although for me, not must-haves though. :-)

Gracie said...

I know what you mean sis Mhean specially when they look just like the others that have already come out or are still out less the packaging ha ha ha!