Friday, 16 January 2009



One late morning whilst I was minding my own business in my little home, I heard knocks on my door. I thought to myself... 'who on earth is that?' When I opened the door, I was greeted with this parcel. With excitement, I grabbed it from the postman and nearly forgotten to thank him ha ha ha! I did though :P

The envelope said that it came from a certain Ann Brigitte Santos (Ha ha ha! Sis, I still find it funny everytime I think of it!) so I grabbed a pair of scissors and carefully opened the parcel. Soon as I saw what was inside all I could say was... 'Oh my God! Oh my God!' Jheng and Shen you really know how to make your ate Gracie's heart flutter ha ha ha! I can't believe I got these exciting presents from these two girls whom I have bonded through beauty blogging! Isn't that wonderful!

Some of you might be wondering why I'm lucky enough to get presents from these beautiful and exciting ladies... how can I explain it... Four of us started leaving comments on each other's posts then joking with things until we got chatting online and the rest was history. It's amazing how we find comfort in sharing things with friends whom we haven't personally met! But these 3 girls are so dear and special to me. Jheng, Nikki and Shen... thank you very very much for the friendship you've given me since I've started blogging. I'm truly touched with the kindness you ladies have shown me... you simply are a bunch of amazing ladies and I can't wait to meet all of you in person.

Unfortunately due to confidentiality issues, I can't show the front side of the envelope but honestly, it was covered in stamps ha ha ha! Gosh, this parcel cost a fortune to send so thank you girls! :)

My exciting presents!:D

Everything beautiful!

Presents from sis Shen (Our dearest Kikay Pinay). Elleana mineral make up, choker/bracelet from the beautiful and most creative hands of this amazing and talented sister of mine. I've tried it worn as bracelet and choker and looks absolutely fab! A lovely Elleana lipgloss that I've been wearing since I got it. I love the fresh and minty feellings it gives my lips. Thank you so much sis Shen!

Presents from my ever dearest sis Jheng. Charm make up brush set and Solingen nippers. Okay, I've been cheeky... sis Jheng has been asking what could she get for me but I couldn't think of anything aside from Solingen nippers that I have been desperate to get hold of since the ones of got here needs sharpening (They only get sharpened when I visit the Phils)... but the Charm make up brush set are a pleasant surprise as I've fancied them when I saw them posted on Nikki, Jheng and Shen's blogsites... and I could never feel any luckier than getting mine as presents. So, sis Jheng... Thanks ever so much!

These brushes I'm telling you guys are must have. I've got million reasons to love it but I can't think of a single one not to. It's an amazing product. I'd definitely be travelling with these ones but at the moment, I use them soon as they dry. I love... love... love them!

Sis Jheng and sis Shen, I could never thank you enough for these lovely and generous presents... Thanks ever so much! I'm very very excited about meeting you guys in August!


Askmewhats said...

sis, you deserve all the presents because of the friendship YOU offered to us, it's a 2 way thing, if you didn't open up your hearts to us, we can't be friends! So thank you for the friendship too and I'm glad you finally have a CHARM set!!! :)

*waves at Shen and Jheng* hi sistahs!

Gracie said...

Sis, Nikki! You know exactly how I feel about you guys :) It's great to meet friends like you :) I feel blessed :) Thank you once again :) Muah!

iamsutil said...

weeee...finally! i know i should've sent it earlier..i hope you dont mind getting it late, though! love u ate...i miss chatting with you. i saw your latest pics, you look like you have lost weight...did you? im the one who needs to lose weight! hahhahaa

thanks again gracie, for being not just a friend to me but also for being like an ate.

haller nikki! see u soon!!!

Gracie said...

Oh, sis Jheng! No worries! I miss chatting with you sis. Gosh! I've never seen you online for quite a while now! Take care sis. Oh, I think I've put on a bit of weight sis. Can't you see my rounded face? Ha ha ha!

Shen said...

Wow! You finally got it!! Gracie, our friendships are worth more than gold. Your words of advise meant so much to me. You are truly special to all of us. :) We love you sis!!

hi y'all, nikki ang jheng. SEE YOU SOON!!

and you too Gracie!! can't wait for august!

Gracie said...

Thank you once again sis Shen... you truly have been sooo kind to me over the months. Great to bond with the 3 of you online. Can't wait to see you all in August! Muah!