Thursday, 6 May 2010


Hello again everyone!!!

Saturday last week (1st of May), we've had our house warming party and although it was a little stressful for bf and I, we've got through it and we've agreed that it was a successful gathering :)

I didn't really cook much as it meant to be an afternoon party started from 2pm until 6pm as I was working the next day. However, just to cover the eventualities of guests having something to eat, I cooked some lasagne (with salad) and bf cooked some chilli con carne (with rice). I've also prepared some canape with creme cheese, smoked salmon and caviar. I've also served some champagne and bucks fizz alongside beers and wine. For the kids, we've had some squash drinks and I've also ordered some pizza's (Yes, when it comes to children, you could never go wrong with Pizza Hut delivery ;)). Bf's dad baked some scones for the party as well which was very kind of him :)

As it was such a hectic day for both of us, I've not been able to take decent photos because of having to entertain guests. However, I've managed to take a few :) By the way, we had a good turn out... Over 50 of them came and enjoyed the party consisting bf's friends, a few from work and a couple of my son's school friends. With the help of bf's parents, we've managed to get our house back into a good state that although our last guests didn't leave until past 6pm, at around 7pm, we were sitting on the dining table having teas and coffees... as if nothing happened hahahahaha!

I was the first time I've hosted a party and I think for next time, I'd be able to use what I've learned from it ;) We're definitely having another one. Perhaps, a family gathering in summer :)

Some friends in the patio

Bf welcoming a couple of friends to the party and his mum shouting at me... 'Don't you dare take photo of my wrinkles!' What is she like!

I'm just glad that it didn't rain that day as guests were able to stay in the garden through out the party although for some peculiar reasons, some kids preferred to stay in my son's bedroom and turned his bed into trampoline

Love kids! :)

Lovebirds in my kitchen ;)

This bunch didn't leave my kitchen throughout the party!!!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

what a fun party!

what's a great way to warm up the house but to have friends & family over to shake all the blues & cobwebs away,right?

& it's also great that the weather is nice & you were able to enjoy the warm weather outside

Gracie said...

Sis, it was a grat day!!! Bf and myself were so happy with the success of our first party :) xxx

Askmewhats said...

Such a fun party!!! See sis? You managed to pull it off with flying colors! You're an expert host na!!! Sana I'll be able to attend a party of yours in this lifetime :P Miss ya!

Gracie said...

Hahahahaha! Sis, I really hope we could party here one day. Let's start looking for reason to have that party hahahahaha! xxx