Tuesday, 28 October 2008



Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the leaving party of two of my colleagues (Daryll and Emma, I'll miss you both!). However, I was working on a long day shift (07.00-19.30... phew!)on the next day, we had to love and leave everyone at 21.00 and we did! Yeah, it really was a great night and many members of staff including doctors turned up. I joked that there was enough in the crowd to run a whole ward... in fact we had more than enough! It was great to see everyone outside work environment all glammed up :)

Anyway, gatherings give me every single excuse you could think of to... sort of... scrub up ;)

As my bf has decided to watch film whilst I was getting ready, I had more excuse to get back in my bedroom and take a few photos :)

Make up using Urban Decay Box of Shadows, MAC, Clinique, Lancome, Christian Dior, Elizabeth Arden, Benefit and Estee Lauder. I will be editing this post soon to add the details of the make up I used. Watch this space! :)

The Outfit:
Dress: Primark, £12 (yes, that cheap! I'm now seeing the point of not spending a lot of money on a dress that I'm only going to wear once. I've been buying dresses in the past for around £150 and never worn them more than once). This dress is inspired by the latest McQueen and Vivienne Westwood catwalk season. For those of you in the UK and who are not frequent Primark shopper... I'm telling you... every now and then, it really is worth visiting your nearest outlet to you :)
Belt: Ted Baker,£50 (Yep, belt was more expensive than the dress itself. I don't mind spending more on accessories I can use forever)
Tights: Boots, £5 (My bf hates it when I wear opaque tights or stockings but I've got an excuse as it's winter :))
Shoes: Gucci, £285 (On the last summer sale :))
Total: £352 It's slightly expensive to look this cheap ;)

Daryll and I (I simply adore this lad... He's always been sweet eversince we were students) I was relying on him to give me a lift to work on Christmas day as the buses won't be running. Now I'm stuck. Bring Daryll back in!

Emma, my favourite Northern lass at work! I had fun working with her!

From the left: Cheryl, whom I offered to try my lip plumping lip gloss that nearly gave her anaphylactic shock (NO NO NO! I've exagerrated it! She laughed her head off when she felt the sting), Laura (student), Moi! and Charlie (another student)

It was nice to have my man meet the people I work with as well. I'm like that... it's always a pleasure to introduce my bf to my friends :)

Thursday, 23 October 2008



I was running out of pressed powder when I came across gift offers at Debenhams and Boots. My first stop was Debenhams where after checking the gift offer, I thought... why not try Estee Lauder pressed powder and with another item, I grabbed the gift pack ;) I'm always up for Freebies as you may now know ;)

Anyway, here are my loot :)

Love the packaging!

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Powder Make Up SPF 10 (Desert Beige/08)

I just can't get enough of the packaging :)
Signature Silky Powder Blush (Fresh Plum/23)

My gorgeous gift!
Cosmetic bag
Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara
Beautiful Love Eau de parfum Spray
Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick
Advanced Night Repair Protective Recovery Complex
Day Wear Plus Multi protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15
Pure Color Eyeshadow

My first batch of Estee Lauder make up ;)


Make Up Brush Cleanser and Double Wear Foundation

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Make Up SPF10 (Tawny/37)
I actually love this foundation and been wearing it since I got it :)

More gorgeous gift :D

Another batch of gorgeous Estee Lauder Make Up... Now I feel like my mother with her favourite cosmetic brand!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008



It has been a few years since I bought my last Bobbi Brown make up item. For some reasons I just stopped using (or buying) them. However, I just needed spare blending brush so I thought I'd try visiting the nearest counter to me. So here they are, my new make up brushes.

I love these brushes, the eye liner defining brush is about the best I've tried so far and the eye shadow and blending brushes are fabulous for creating smokey eyes. Please don't ask me to compare them to MAC but knowing sis Nikki (askmewhats), I bound to that ;)... Hello sis Nikki! :)

Oh, I've been invited for a make over using there new season range of make up next month. Apparently, the theme is dramatic look (probably for autumn/winter season). I can't wait :)


Saturday, 18 October 2008



For some of you, you might think that this product sounds a little scary... I associate the word 'plastic surgery' to 'scary'. Everytime I hear plastic surgery, it makes me cringe as everytime I hear those two words, the first two things that come into my mind are general anaesthetics and going under the knife. Personally, although I'm not completely rulling out plastic surgery, for the time being, I'm saying no. (I know sis Nikki and sis Jheng that we've chatted about this stuff on a different light ;)).

Anyway, I've been seeing this beauty products for a while now and they've made me smile. Out of curiosity, I bought the lip plumping gloss and liked it. I actually had a funny experience with the lip plumping gloss when I was working with a student. I made her try the lip gloss and soon as she applied it on her lips, I held her hands because I knew that she would reach for tissue to wipe it off. Whilst I held her hand down she screamed... 'Aaawwww! That hurts!' I was laughing my head off! After a while, when the stinging wore off, she came to me and told me it felt really great! I just smiled and told her to give it a chance ;)

Now, the question is, do I like this product? Okay...
The Lash Injection (mascara) is really thick that it easily clump if you carry on applying until it dries up. So what I've been doing is apply it quick (about 3 strokes) and leave it and the result is quite nice.
The Lip Injection (lip gloss) feels exciting to use. It gives you that sting as if to say 'hello!' I love it under my lipstick as it keep my lips looking fresh even after few hours of application. It's very rare that I retouch my lipstick at work as we get really really busy. However, even when I don't get to retouch my lippy, I've had comments from other girls where they said that my lipstick remained intact even after my dinner break ;)
The Wrinkle Injection feels smooth under my eye area. I'm quite unsure where to stick this product as the direction only says apply it where the wrinkle are visible so I've been trying this on my fine lines along my under eye area. I could be completely doing the wrong thing but so far, nothing has gone horribly wrong yet. I can't say that 'Oh, yes, it helps to get rid of my fine lines after so many uses' like a typical TV commercial because it hasn't ha ha ha!
So, what's my verdict? I like them but so far no extra ordinary results aside from the exciting stinging sensation that the lip plumping gloss gives me. I hate pain but the stinging is bearable and it leaves my lips looking glossy :)

So, what about you?
Have you tried this product before?
What do you think of it?


Saturday, 11 October 2008


I've been wanting to get this Babyliss curling iron to try it for myself but I've been holding back since last December. Well, I've got it now and loving it.

This was the second time I tried using my curling iron and I think I did better the first time

Back... Looks messy, I know

This was done during late afternoon and my make up around 6 am so I do look haggard. However, it hasn't stopped me from camwhoring ha ha ha!


I do love pampering myself everynow and then and being able to do that at home, anytime I want it is heaven. Since, I can't have jacuzzi for the time being, I thought I'd try this one for now. I've been so busy at work and other things that I haven't even tried this but I will do soon ;)

Sorry about the picture, I was going to dress her up but I couldn't figure out how to get around it ;)

*Click the picture to enlarge

My very own Shiatsu Bath Spa


My relaxing foot spa

Now, all I need is a long weekend off work to pamper myself. It isn't much to ask, is it?