Tuesday, 21 October 2008



It has been a few years since I bought my last Bobbi Brown make up item. For some reasons I just stopped using (or buying) them. However, I just needed spare blending brush so I thought I'd try visiting the nearest counter to me. So here they are, my new make up brushes.

I love these brushes, the eye liner defining brush is about the best I've tried so far and the eye shadow and blending brushes are fabulous for creating smokey eyes. Please don't ask me to compare them to MAC but knowing sis Nikki (askmewhats), I bound to that ;)... Hello sis Nikki! :)

Oh, I've been invited for a make over using there new season range of make up next month. Apparently, the theme is dramatic look (probably for autumn/winter season). I can't wait :)



Askmewhats said...

I love Bobbi Brown brushes, they are all good buys! I never own one..but the first time I started make-up, I have to "borrow" a brush set from my bestfriend and I can't believe how wonderful these brushes are! :) So you've got great set of brushes sis! :)

Shen said...

ooohh!! haulong agaiN! the brushes looks awesome. i've heard some good things about bb brushes but sadly have not tried them yet. :) can't wait to see looks that you'll come up with using these brushes. :)

Vanessa M. said...

great brushes! i want some!

jamie said...

ohh!!! i have bobbi brush set and im loving em!!:) how do you find the eye blender brush ms.gracie? :)

Gracie said...

>>Nikki>> Thanks sis Nikki! They're lovely brushes, aren't they?

>>>Shen>>> Sis, I'd definitely be posting FOTD featuring my Bobbi Brown brushes ;)

>>>Vanessa>>> Yep! They are great brushes so hurry up and grab some :)

>>>Jamie>>> I love the blending brush... It really is soft and blends well when creating smokey eyes :)