Saturday, 18 October 2008



For some of you, you might think that this product sounds a little scary... I associate the word 'plastic surgery' to 'scary'. Everytime I hear plastic surgery, it makes me cringe as everytime I hear those two words, the first two things that come into my mind are general anaesthetics and going under the knife. Personally, although I'm not completely rulling out plastic surgery, for the time being, I'm saying no. (I know sis Nikki and sis Jheng that we've chatted about this stuff on a different light ;)).

Anyway, I've been seeing this beauty products for a while now and they've made me smile. Out of curiosity, I bought the lip plumping gloss and liked it. I actually had a funny experience with the lip plumping gloss when I was working with a student. I made her try the lip gloss and soon as she applied it on her lips, I held her hands because I knew that she would reach for tissue to wipe it off. Whilst I held her hand down she screamed... 'Aaawwww! That hurts!' I was laughing my head off! After a while, when the stinging wore off, she came to me and told me it felt really great! I just smiled and told her to give it a chance ;)

Now, the question is, do I like this product? Okay...
The Lash Injection (mascara) is really thick that it easily clump if you carry on applying until it dries up. So what I've been doing is apply it quick (about 3 strokes) and leave it and the result is quite nice.
The Lip Injection (lip gloss) feels exciting to use. It gives you that sting as if to say 'hello!' I love it under my lipstick as it keep my lips looking fresh even after few hours of application. It's very rare that I retouch my lipstick at work as we get really really busy. However, even when I don't get to retouch my lippy, I've had comments from other girls where they said that my lipstick remained intact even after my dinner break ;)
The Wrinkle Injection feels smooth under my eye area. I'm quite unsure where to stick this product as the direction only says apply it where the wrinkle are visible so I've been trying this on my fine lines along my under eye area. I could be completely doing the wrong thing but so far, nothing has gone horribly wrong yet. I can't say that 'Oh, yes, it helps to get rid of my fine lines after so many uses' like a typical TV commercial because it hasn't ha ha ha!
So, what's my verdict? I like them but so far no extra ordinary results aside from the exciting stinging sensation that the lip plumping gloss gives me. I hate pain but the stinging is bearable and it leaves my lips looking glossy :)

So, what about you?
Have you tried this product before?
What do you think of it?



Askmewhats said...

I haven't used any of those stingy products :) But i'm glad YOU DID! Lol I enjoyed reading your review and funny about the Lip plumping gloss, I would be screaming my head off! LOL

have a great weekend sis! *hugs*

Gracie said...

Ha ha ha! That really was funny, sis Nikki! Another experience was when I was handing over towards end of my shift. I was making sure that I didn't have drug key in my pocket so I emptied them, you won't believe the stuff I keep in my pocket and it includes lip gloss ha ha ha! I persuaded my colleague to try my lip plumping lip gloss and she laughed like there was no tomorrow when she started feeling the sting. She turned red raw and she honestly was literally crying, bless her. We just couldn't stop laughing! I told her never to get herself in the Emergency Department incase she came out with allergic reaction. Can you imagine when she's like 90 years old and being admitted in the hospital. It would appear on her medical record... 'Allergic to lip plumping lip gloss'... It makes me laugh everytime I see her :)

Anonymous said...

i'd say the most interesting is indeed the lip plumping gloss. i've always been tempted to try those but since i got full lips already, i am trying to steer away from it to not look like am imitating Angelina Jolie haha.

Gracie said...

Sis Mhean! It doesn't really plump up your lips like Angelina Jolie's. What I found about this lip gloss is that it gives my lips a great shimmer and that freshness feelings. I love it. I've also got full lips that made me paranoid when I was younger but now I'm learning to live with it and embrace it specially when 'pouty look' came in fashion ;)

Shen said...

lol! this post is so fun to read. :) you and your workmates seem to have a great time with the gloss. :) i haven't tried any lip plumping products but this sure looks interesting and so much potent than the lip venom from duwop! its funny that makeup co. come up with great ideas like these. :)