Friday, 8 August 2008



Hah! I'm coming to my senses and decided to raise my no-buy-mode flag up! The stuff I'm posting here are bought before I switched my no-buy-mode on before you think that I'm kidding myself ha ha ha!

Anyway, I've been extremely busy with work that I wasn't able to update my blog site regularly and because of that, my stuff have been left on the corner of my bedroom untouched for a while. It wasn't until yesterday that I eventually had the time to re-organize my stuff and unpack my last delivery.

I thought I'd share with you my latest purchases... Let me emphasize that I acquired these items before my no-buy-mode was raised ;)

It was the first time I shopped at ASOS and only because they were doing 75% discount sale

2 cute tops with my very own Dainty Doll make up by Nicola Roberts and Jelly Pong Pong... Yey!

Cute top...

Another cute top!

My Dainty Doll make up... Cute packaging! I love them!

Lovely neutral colours

This is chilli infused lipgloss and stings a bit when I apply it but it goes after a while and leaves that minty feeling on my lips. I love that it melts on my lips giving me a natural (nudish) shimmer. Doesn't feel sticky nor heavy on my lips... Absolutely love it!

I was a bit apprehensive about trying this concealer as Nicola Roberts (off Girls Aloud) aimed her line of make up for those who have pale skin and that is also the reason why I gave her foundation a miss. However, this concealer has got natural shade that it just melt on my skin but giving a good coverage.

I love the eyeshadow base and the colur of the e/s is really stunning!

The swatches

Cute packaging... Sooo girly!

I think I'd be using this for contouring but I'll need tips from Jheng or anyone of you :) I'd like to learn how to shape my button nose :(

My Clarins little something

Pure Melt Cleansing Gel with Marula Oil (claims to have vitamin C 4x more than an orange has) and a couple of my favourite waterproof eye pencils I use to shape my eyebrows

I love this eye pencil as it has a great quality smudge brush,which I find helpful when smudging eyeliners (when creating smokey eyes) and shaping my eyebrows

My other make up items I can't live without... Clinique Poweder Foundation and Pressed Poweder. I blend them together after applying my liquid foundation. Gives me a great coverage and finish

Been using this since 1995 and I can't imagine a life without it ;)
I thought I'd try this product and I really love it. I can't wear any lippies now without this as a base :)
Great packaging, huh!

Just a few necessities
What about you? Are you on no-buy mode at the moment? How are you getting on with it. Any tips you'd like to share? Please do :)


Yabusame said...

I've found that the easiest way to save money is not to spend it. Here endeth the lesson.

Yabusame said...

Guess I should have given you the full instructions on how to become wealthy:

1. To save money, don't spend it.
2. To make money, invest it.

There you are honey, everything else is just detail.

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

Wow Gracie! You bought two beatiful tops and i love the two-toned one.
I'm a Guerlain addicted, i buy skincare (happylogy), make up (above all Kiss kiss lipstick) and perfumes too, but is a bit expensive and i guess there's some alternative, as Shiseido.

I'm used to create my wishlist and after i tag every item and i try to pick out only what i need. Actually i fix a limit in expensense for beauty, dresses and co.

Alice @Ogni cosa bella è viola said...

the best way to save money is have sometime to think out before purchasing (1-2 days) and to buy nothing for the hype.

Shen said...

i'm on no buy mode on makeup!! especially eyeshadows. i'm set for the next few months.. or even years. :)

i love love your loots esp the tops. :)

let's all reaise our no buy flags. :0

Askmewhats said...

I stopped myself from buying anything quite expensive because I told myself I need to use them all or else they expire! LOL You do know i'm on no buy mode for make up..but I do let myself buy some more..let's say if they are not too expensive or they are really on a good deal! :) Yes sis, you should be on "no buy mode" you bought loads before your "no buy mode" I'm sure you can do it sis! goodluck!!!

Gracie said...

>>Honey a.k.a. Yabusame>> As what I've said earlier, don't start nagging at me as it stresses me out and makes me shop even more ;)...

>>Alice>> I love Guerlain stuff and been using them for the past 15 years although I've been giving their perfumes a miss. Thanks for your advise chick... True! Sometimes we have to be sensible with the way we spend money. At the moment, I think I've got enough make up to last me until they expire ha ha ha! I've decided that I won't buy anymore outfit unless I'm going to attend a special event. I've also decided that I'll limit myself to one or two pairs of designer shoes a year since I've already got 6.

>>Shen>> Thank you sis :) Yep! Let's raise our no-buy-mode flags real high ha ha ha!

>>Nikki>> Thank you!!! :) Sis, it'll take a lot of will power to stop myself from buying make up but I think I've to take other into consideration important things in life. Make up are always going to be part of my life (sad as it sounds) however, I think I've got enough to last me a few years ha ha ha! I'd still buy my necessities but I'll try to avoid make up for a while :)

Not buying make up for a while doesn't mean I'd stop updating my blog though ;)... I think from now on my posts will be dominated by FOTDs. I've just got to be careful I don't come up with something completely wacko ha ha ha!

Tracy said...

Ooh, you got some great stuff! Those tops are really cute, and 75% off? That's such a great deal!

Good luck with your no-buy! Mine will go into effect once I get my next paycheck next week. I'd start sooner, but I absolutely can't miss Hollywood Shop 'Til You Drop!

I've been shopping like crazy lately, and most of the time I hardly ever splurge. The way I get around to not buying anything is by putting most of my paycheck away to savings. I give myself a weekly allowance for necessities like food and gas, and the rest go to paying off my bills, credit cards, etc.

Gracie said...

>>Tracy>> Thank you for sharing your tips Tracy, yeah... I should start doing it too ;)... I guess it's never too late to make some changes :)

Anonymous said...

wow sis fab hauling! i just came from a no-buy mode so now i am in buying mode haha, i plan to spend a lot of my hubby's money when i visit him in Singapore end of month lol. love your hauls, drool-worthy!

Gracie said...

Sis Mhean! Lucky you! You've got a nice hubby who allows you to spend his money... I've got no one :( I've to support my own vices ha ha ha!