Friday, 15 August 2008

CAM WHORING: RED (A trying hard red) ;)


Hello guys! I'd be going on holiday for 10 days and as sis Nikki has requested, I'm leaving another FOTD in reds. However, I haven't got much time to put the details about the make up I've used, I'd be editing this post soon I'm back from holiday. For those of you who can't wait for 10 days ;)... I've used Shu Ueumura eyeshadow in Me Red to create my eye make up teamed with Me Black (another Shu E/E) on the lower outer corned of my lash lines blended with Me Red on the inner corner of my lower lash lines.

See you again soon guys! Take care all of ya and I'll be missing you and your post!!!


Tracy said...

Another pretty look! Great job, Gracie! Hope you have a great vacation. I'm in dire need of one. :D Where will you be going?

iamsutil said...

wow...lovin' the reds ate. i don't think i have one na. sometimes too much pink or even kinda reddish shades makes me look like i've cried a whole lot. but you're rockin it.

glad to hear that you'd be on a vacation. you deserve it. sorry the last time we've talked, was really not myself then...i do hope u understand ate. now im too guilty for not being able to bid you a happy trip. :( bad ako ate :(
talk to u soon! muaaaah

Liz Venturina said...

finally, i can post again on your blog! :-) i thought you blocked me. LOLz

i love the shade of reds you used. looks great on you.

how was the vacay? i hope you had a blast? i am in dire need of holidays very soon.

Gracie said...

>>Tracy>> Thank you Trace! We've just been back from our holiday at the lake District (North England)

>>Jheng>> Thank you sis! I'm sure I've seen you in red EMU on your older post... I could be wrong ;)... That's okay sis, don't you worry, I do understand that you were having bumpy ride last time we chatted ;)

>>Liz>> Thank you once again for stopping by my page Liz. Vacation was fab, we had relaxing this time and not a lot of shopping like our past once ;). Everyone deserves a good vacation Liz and I hope yours would come soon :)