Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Clarins Gift Promo

Hello again guys!!!

I think most of you who have been reading my blog would probably have worked out how I love freebies ;)

Anyway, as I was running out of my make up removers, I visited my favourite outlet (Boots of course!) and I couldn't believe my luck when I found out that Clarins was offering bonus skin care products for purchase of 2 or more items. So I took it as an opportunity to grab my necessities.

My ever reliable make up remover. It really is great for lifting make up off my skin when it comes to removing my make up. I've tried the eye make up remover as well and I can say that it is my new favourite cleansing product.

Who can resist this generous gift?

Monday, 1 November 2010

Clinique Bonus Time

I just love freebies!!! Who doesn't? Well, once again, Clinique is having their 'bonus time' promo for purchase of 2 products but one has to be a skin care. For a skin fanatic like me, this is always a good deal. My bf says that I'm an adverstiser's dream which I probably can't deny. Everytime my bf and I walk around shops, he could tell when something excites me as my jaw drops hahahahaha! I'd stand infront of it with amazement and then I'll start calculating if I could afford it... I'm barred from using my credit cards. I can only use my credit cards for emergency purposes and that doesn't include fulfilling my beauty and pampering wishes.

Anyway, the photos below includes my new Clinique purchase and gifts :)

My recent favourite eye make up remover and my ever reliable face powder
Of course! The gift!!!
Two of my beauty must have

Generous gift

I love this bronzer! I sometimes use this as a blusher. It's gawgeous!!!