Saturday, 3 April 2010

Home alone... thinking out loud

It's nearly 23.00 here and I should be in a deep sleep at this time but for some peculiar reasons... I just can't. I've tried to read a book (I'm currently reading the 'Lone Survivor' by Marcus Luttrell with Patrick Robinson but the story seem to keep me awake... could it be the thought of those Navy Seals?... hmmm... Now, gotta stop it! It's not helping!) I really am desperately needing to get some sleep now but I just can't... It's crazy!!! I've to get up in about 4 and a half hours and will have to endure a long day shift at work... Grrr...!!! It's bloody frustrating! Why oh why???

To those of you who have tips you may want to share in times like this... please feel free to leave them. It might be too late now but I'm sure it'll come handy for next time. I know this won't be the last time that this happens to me

Well I suppose blogging at this time of the night won't help either so might as well turn this laptop off now and curl under my duvet...

Right... goodnight everyone and to those of you who just woke up... Have a lovely day!!! It's Sunday! Yay!!! Right... I'm off... Till next time guys!!!



Askmewhats said...

oh no..I hope you were able to get your beauty rest, it is difficult not being able to sleep!!! Good day to you sis!

Gracie said...

Sis, I've managed about 3 hours sleep and had to do my 12 and a half hour shift. Knackered but okay :) xxx