Friday, 11 December 2009

Party time!!!


Christmas is time to party!!! So my dear friends... here I am, sharing some photos I've taken during our staff party held last Monday night at a local venue. It was a great night although I was a great night and I'm telling you guys... nurses do know how to party unlike the stereotype saying that we are angels ;)

It was a great night started with a 3 course meal and dance all night. It was fun having to dance on the table although I was cautious as I was wearing a pair of sky scrapers. I didn't quite fancy the idea of falling on the floor specially wheb the tables were a little narrow. It really is funny seeing the other side of your colleagues. You see things you don't expect to see in them and it was hilarious!!!

For the night, I've decided to dress down... Yes, I was the only one who turned up in jeans amongst the girls but I would've not done it the other way. For the night, I wore an ASOS corsette, Jane Norman skinny jeans and my Gucci shoes (of course!). I also wore accessories from Accessorize and the bracelette sis Shen has sent me last Christmas. It was a fab night.

Below are the photos I've taken during the night...


With my fellow Filipino nurses (Pinoy rocks!)

Strike the pose

Dancing on the stage

Dancing with Lulette on the stage

With Sister Lindsay giving me some loves!!!

With Papa Stephen! Hahahahaha!

Another one with Papa Stephen hahahaha!

Lovely Laura rocking it!!!

With Lulette

With Papa Noel. His wife will kill me!!! One of our friends commented on this photo on Facebook saying that we were preparing for Haimlick manoeuvre here. I guess she was right. Well we have to make sure that our resus skills are up to date ;)

Silly poses

Emma, Ingrid and moi!!!

Sitting pretty

With Alison dancing on the stage. That's it chick, tell exactly what you think ;)

Waiting for my food

Kate, Lulette, moi and Laura (Our ward manager)

Kate, Lulette, Charlie and Ingrid

It was a great night although I had to work the night after... never mind... someone had to work ;)
What about you guys... any exciting party for the Christmas season? I'd love to hear from you. I love parties and I love hearing (or reading)exciting stories about parties. I think that is Christmas is all about... having a blast!!!


~tHiAmErE~ said...

what a fun night

love the dress,sis!
a corset style..
it really hugs your body

Gracie said...

Thank you sis... Yeah, it was a fun night xxx

Shen said...

now who's rockin' a fab outfit! :) i love that corset!! if i lose weight, i'll borrow it. we have the same style sis! :) galing. :)

Gracie said...

Awww.... Thank you sis! Of course you can have it hahahahaha! xxx

Khymm said...

love the corset and the red lips!

Askmewhats said...

sis, If ever I wear a corset, you won't see me dance or even EAT! lol you look HOT HOT HOT!!!! :) though you said you dressed down, sis! SUPER HOTNESS pa din no!!!!

Gracie said...

Thank you sisters! xxx