Thursday, 17 September 2009



Hello again guys! I hope you all are doing well :)

Following my last visit back home, my priorities have changed. (Whisper... I'm determined to finish my house in the Philippines) and I need a substantial amount of dosh therefore, I'll have to earn more and spend less. Yes, you've heard it right... Gracie is thinking sensibly these days and taking on what I'd call a more mature responsibilities. Let's face it, I'm not a spring chicken and will need to start thinking about my future ;)

However, just because I have to save for a project does not mean I have to let myself go. No no no no! I still make sure that I have enough to get my beauty essential but this time, instead of going mad on shopping, I'm trying to be clever this time. Yep... beauty on a budget to the strictist meaning.

Anyway, I thought I'd share you guy a few things that I have bought recently (well, since I came back from my holiday in the Philippines).


As I was running out of my Perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum, I thought, I wonder around town the next day I came back from holiday and found out that House of Fraser was doing Estee Lauder Gift Time. What an opportunity? so I grabbed a couple of the things that I have ran out.

I am seriously thinking or reviewing these products but at the moment, I still have a lot to catch up so maybe later...

Generous gifts

I love this moisturizer! This is the 3rd pot I got free and I use it during the day after applying the perfectionist Wrinkle Lifting Serum. It really is worth grabbing them when they have gifts on offer as it saves me a few pennies. As I do not use all the gifts, I save some of them and give them away to my family and friends everytime i visit home. What a great idea!

As I was running out of my body moisturizer, I thought I nip down Boots and found out that they were doing 3 for 2 offer so I thought I'd grab a few things as well. I also took that shopping trip as an opportunity to try new products to see how they are.
Neutrogena Wave
I've seen some rants on this product and I've decided to go with the flow and so far... I'm loving it!
Maybelline Pulse Perfection Vibrating Mascara
I saw this being advertised on TV and decided to give it a go. My verdict so far? I'm loving it! Probably the best Mascara I've tried so far. Now, that is a surprise!
L'Oreal Vitalift Rejuvenating Cleansing Smoothing toner
I'd love to review this in the future. This seem to be promising product for those who are keen to delay skin ageing. It's too soon for me to review this product as I've only used it for about a couple of days. However, at the moment, I'm loving it!

Does this product tick all the boxes it promised? There is a great potential!

Don't you just love trying new products specially when they give us positive result? Well, I do! What about you... have you tried any new product you would like to share? I'd love to hear from you!


Kay said...

super generous gifts from Estee indeed.. the baby versions of the stuff the u bought are super cute.. :)(im just obsessed with travel sized stuff.. lol)

wish u an awesome weekend dear .. :)

Gracie said...

Thank you Kay! You too sis! Have a great weekend :) xxx

teeyah. said...

I wonder if we have the Maybelline mascara here in the Phils :( The gifts from Estee Lauder are nice and a whole lot! Def very generous :) Happy weekend and I'm sure your house in the Phils will be done in no time :)

lelila said...

yes sis Gracie, please make a review of those products, i would love to try them. are you using they're product for the eyes/undereyes too?

Gracie said...

@ teeyah: Sis, I didn't see the new Maybelline vibrating mascara until I came back from holiday but I'm sure that it will be available in the Philippines because it is also becoming popular here.

Hahaha! It'll take a few years before I could save enough dosh to finish that house but I'll get there. Thank you for the comment on this sis :) xxx

@ lelila: Sure sis, I will soon. I use 2 different eye cream (both Estee Lauder), the Advance Night Repair and the other one I use during the day and I'm loving them!

Askmewhats said...

my dearie! You have yourself the Neutrogena wave! I think you'll be ok with it? It made my dry skin dry :(

Sis, you are so right, save up for the house!!! I am sure your family is super proud of you!!!! Gosh I missed your post! *hugsy* I missed you too and I missed bullying you! LOL

Gracie said...

@ askmewhats: Sis Nikki! Yes, I suppose the Neutrogena Wave could potentially make our skin dry that's why it is important that we moisturize our skin after every wash to bring the moist back in. I think it suits me because I do have an oily skin.

Yes, my little house hahaha! It has got to get finished eventually. I don't mind your bullying sis... I can endure it because I don't know what it is about you but I just can't get offended by you hahahaha! Now, don't think I'm encouraging you to carry on doing it hahahaha! xxx

Askmewhats said... know that I love you and bullying means I love you even more!!! YAY for more bullying and CHEERS for the new home....SOON!!!

Gracie said...

Hahaha! Sis, you are bad! Hahaha! xxx

jinxbea said...

Hi Sis!

am drooling over your hauls.. the GWP from Estee was indeed generous... like the little pleasure bottle. its cute....

miss you sis! goodluck on the house building.. hahahaha

Gracie said...

Thank you sis! I know! It'll be a drag sis but I'll get there hahahaha! xxx

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's such an awesome gift,sis

you have already tried the pulse perfection!
how awesome!

have you ever tried the Lancome Oscillation Powerbooster?

I can't wait to try it!

im keeping my fingers crossed on that since Lancome is my favorite high-end brand!

Gracie said...

Thank you sis Thiamere! Nope, I haven't tried the Lancome Oscillation one although I got tempted at one point. So far, I'm loving the Maybelline Pulse Perfection :)

Dazzledust25 said...

Thanks for sharing your buys! Love estee lauder products!
Maybe I should just try the maybelline mascara, I've been putting it off. :)