Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sister A!!!  One of my favourite sisters...  She's one of the sweetest!!!

My Zumba buddies

My Dubai, work and Zumba buddies in one frame... Priceless!  LOLZ!!!
My 40th Hollywood Themed Party (One that didn't go as planned lol!)

Hello my lovelies!!!  I'm here again... I know it's been forever since my last post and aside from being dead lazy, I've got no other excuses.

Anyway, the party was fab-u-larse!!!! We enjoyed the night dancing on the table and on stage plus cocktails and shots...  What can I say... as what my son says...  YOLO! (You Only Live Once)... yes, I'm getting the hang of teenage lingo hahahaha!!!

My other half has been patient enough to let me make fool of myself for the night and he denied the next morning that I've embarrassed him hahaha!!!  Hey ho!  Once again... YOLO!!!  LOLZ!!!

Oh!  My epic fail of attempt too pull off the Audrey Hepburn look. YOLO!!!

Lesson learned when holding an event... Be more organised.  I had all my Hollywood Themed balloons, confetti and other things but didn't had time to decorate the table and I've still got them in a box even a full hellium tank.  I'll have to think of something to use them for lol!

Till next time my lovelies...

Gracie xxx

Friday, 6 May 2011

Lips by Sisley

One of the brands I haven't used for a very long time (since my Dubai time about 21 years ago... Oh my goodness... have I just given away how old I am?), is Sisley. I can't even remember the reason why I stopped using them. Well, never mind... I'm just glad that I found the items below.

Pretty colours!!! Summer is definitely on its way!

Lovely lipliner: Phyto Sheer Lipliner in Mangue Givree

Make up with botanical extract

Pretty lippy: Hydrating long lasting lipstick in L11

When the shop assistant asked if I wanted to try other Sisley product, I said.... YES!!!

Sample sample hahahaha!


Reminds me of 80s make up Oh dear!

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Bright Spring/Summer make up... Sunset Galore

Congratulations to the newly wed couple... Prince William and Kate (no more Katie waitie aye!). As a couple who have just been proclaimed as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge I wonder if we are also going to have someone (or a couple )named as such on our end or maybe we are just proud to live in the Robinhood county and I guess, we are just happy to keep it that way ;). No one can beat the legendary Robin Hood of Locksley and Maid Marian aye? ;). However, I still believe that Prince William would prefer to be called 'Prince William' or 'Wills' to his friends.

As you could imagine (those who live outside the United Kingdom), the country (or even the whole world) had their eyes and ears on the so called 'Royal Wedding of the Century'. Even tabloids have publised the bikini sets, tops and other holiday outfit that Kate bought from Warehouse a few days before the wedding as if people would rush to the said outlet and get exactly the same items or maybe I'm wrong! Don't you guys think that Kate's dress was a tad understated? I guess I was just expecting for a little bit more because of how grandeur late Princess Diana had for a wedding gown when she marched up the aisle during her time. The fact that Sarah Burton under the magnificent (and one of my favourite designers) Alexander McQueen designed the frock it really raised great expectations on the dress. I suppose the dress suited her really well... she oozed beauty, elegance and confidence (yes, even at the age of 29 and being a so-called commoner... believe me, there's nothing common about Kate Middleton ;)). Oh, not to forget her sister Pippa who looked equally beautiful and elegant in her Vivienne Westwood number (I know sis Nikki, I'm crazy about Vivienne Westwood creation but I don't think you can really blame me.) Anyway, back to Kate's (Or shall I say, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge)... I guess Sarah kept it that way to make sure that the focal point of the day was Kate herself and not the dress. I hope I wouldn't get a lot of stick on this post about the Royal Wedding. It was just my opinion and I am not saying that I didn't like the dress because I LOVE IT!!! (just to make my position clear here).

A...NY..WAY! My real intention setting here infront my laptop is to post an FOTD but for some reasons, the Royal Wedding came into my mind... I think I've still got hangover from it hahahaha! Now now now... F...O...T...D!

As we've been lucky enough to have great spring/summer season so far, I also have been inspired to wear bright colours this days and at the moment, I'm crazy about ORANGE! It must be the beautiful sunsets we've been getting around here.

I've been finding really great spring/summer looks recently just like the few famous faces who have managed to crack the look and rather look blooming good on them. Let's see if you agree with me... please start browsing now and tell me what you think about orange make up.




Well, no harm in trying, is there?


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Clinique Gift Time

Is it really Thursday? Gosh! Days seem to go by quicker than ever. Just one day and it'll be rest day for everyone. I'm not as lucky as some people (nudge nudge.. wink wink..) as I'm working over the weekend.

Anyway, to wrap up the week, I'm sharing with you my dear friends my recent acquired Clinique goodies :)

A make up cute tin!!! Love it!!!

The freebies when I bought my Repairwear eye cream and lipliner (lipliner to be posted soon)

Very spring colour and I'm loving it!!!

Any freebies at your end to share?


Monday, 4 April 2011

Maybelline Define A-Lash Waterproof Mascara: My new favourite

I just thought I'd share with you guys my new favourite mascara. It's Define A-Lash by Maybelline. What can I say about this product? First let me tell you on the qualities of a good mascara for me. 1. Make sure that it is water proof... Check!!! 2. User friendly... this really is easy to apply that even after 3 strokes, does not clump... so... Check!!! 3. Inexpensive... at £8.49 or around $13USD or around 591 PHP on current rate... now... that is budget friendly price. So... Check!!! 4. Easy to clean... Of course, just like any other make up, we have to remove mascara as well and this is fuss free when it comes to cleansing. So... Check!!! So... it ticks all the boxes and I am ever so pleased! :) Hands down to this little but fantastic product and I'm giving this 5/5. That's how impressed I am with this product. My eyelashes looks longer when wearing this mascara and the amazing part of it... even after cleansing my face, the curls don't seem to disappear and my eyelashes seem to look and feel longer and thicker as well. I would recommend this to friends and family :)

What about you? Have you got a current favourite mascara? If you have... what is it? If you're looking for an effective and inexpensive mascara, I'd recommend you try this :)


A softer touch of spring make up using green eyeshadow

In contrary to my last FOTD in green eyeshadow where I wore a bright red lipstick, I tried to wear a much lighter lip colour and this is what I came up with. I've actually been wearing this make up at work. I'm loving the greens this season!!!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

FOTD: An attempt to a spring look... An AMW inspired look ;)

Hello again everyone! It's been forever since my last FOTD post. Yes, I must admit, I've missed it. As spring is definitely here and although it doesn't seem to be staying for good as we're still been getting frosty morning, I was lucky enough to be off work whilst we had a great sunny spring day. What's the best thing for a make up enthusiast like myself to do but play with bright make up. Although the first time I thought of bright make up was when I saw the St. Patrick FOTD posted by our dearest sister Nikki. I'll be editing this post soon to add the make up I've used creating this look ;)

Just showing off my blingy headband hahahaha!

The outfit to complete my spring look. Yeah right!